Project: Clean Sweep: Update 1 – Roadblocks and Pallet Cleansers

The big news, all of the undercity models are painted. The part that sucks is the bases. They are not all done yet. Damn, 48 models and I wanted to make them look like the game board. Just shoot me in the head.

Undercity & 
Black River Irregulars – 48 models– 44

  • Milo Boggs
  • Pog & Doorstop
  • Canice Gormleigh
  • Gardek Stonebrow
  • Barl Blackheel
  • Colbie Sterlin
  • Eilish Garrity
  • Bastian Kinnet
  • 8 x Crossbow Thugs
  • 10 x Sword Thugs
  • 2 x Goblin Thugs
  • 2 x Rhulic Mercs
  • 2 x Trollkin Scouts
  • 2 x Ogrun Brutes
  • 2 x Heavy Jacks (Freebooters)
  • 8 x Drudge
  • Proto Monstrosity
  • Ringleader
  • Cephalyx (Overlord)

One of the things that can happen on a project is a roadblock. Something you don’t like, don’t want to paint or something you think you can’t do a good job on.

The last one is most frequent for me. Rather than fail, I will procrastinate to the point of doing no painting.

The Monstrosity is the example in this project. I had fun with the 8 character. The units I kept pretty basic, blasting thru a dozen models or less is pretty easy. I tried to make the models look like the cards, so people who don’t know the Iron Kingdom can easily recognize things.

The monstrosity is a flesh construct (Golum) with metal hands, leg supports and other connections to feed it and other things. Bruises, discolored skin, different metals, a ton of detail all made me wonder if I could do it justice. To be honest, I have worked on that one figure for over a month and today I finished him/it.

Mean while, I started doing Pallet Cleansers. Do something else that is fun for me to paint. I did the Ashlynn Mk2 theme a few years ago.

No themes for one Warcaster in Mk3. But there is Llaelese Resistance theme. Everything in my Mk2 project work in Mk3 except Precursor Knights. Shrug….

I pulled out my models that fit in the theme and started doing the two projects in Parallel. If I did some work on the Monstrosity, I could paint some Mercenaries. You get the idea.

So look for new post on Project Ambidexterous Toucan very soon.

Canice Gormleigh (Gun Mage Duelist), has a great coat over one shoulder, the arm, buckles and such have very distinct casting. Her hair is OK, the face lacks definition. Her bustier/blouse is easy to figure out. The dark skirt and coat got as much shading as I could. I gave her coat a purple liner like her game art. She doesn’t want to get into melee, but most things get shot of the table pretty quickly.

Milo Boggs (Cutthroat Alchemist) is based on Gorman. Pretty easy to paint. Grey cloak, a touch of metal.. Better at throwing knives and grenades, no melee for him either. 

Pog & Doorstop (Gobber Bodger and Steam Jack) The Gobber is Based in Cryx Bane base with other greens for the skin. Leather and other browns, metal jack with some Traitor Green. Pog is squishy, no surprise. Doorstop takes a ton of damage (DEF 10) so Pog has to repair him constantly. 

Gardek Stonebrow (Troll Warrior) is no surprise in the colors. Big Axe, Big Shield, Big Meat Wall with Regeneration.

Colbie Sterlin (Military Leader) has basic black cloths, some color for contrast. The face on the plastic is very flat and hard to highlight. Slug Gun & Axe. She does a lot for Heroes in her square.

Eilish Garrity (Arcanist Investigator), I’m not really happy with the way his armor looks, I wanted him to be a little darker. Face and hair are ok. Backpack and details look good. Sword can be swung around a corner. Upkeep spells help on player, ranges attack spell is his bread and butter. He can use the sword which can give him more Feat Cards.

 Bastian Kinnet (Morrowan Battle Chaplin) Robes make it easy to shade him. The Book on his belt and mace look good.  Feat heals two wounds. Prayers and a huge party help.

Barl Blackheel (Rhulic Pistoleer) some Sanguine cloths, a neatly trimmed beard, double barreled pistols. Dirty Fighting (choose one per turn) helps him and the party.


Sword Thugs look like Croe’s Cutthroats. They appear in all of the early scenarios. Die by the dozens. If they get to charge and roll well, player heroes DIE. DEF 12/ARM 12. Brown cloths, green cloak, some flesh, a little metal….  easy…

Crossbow Thugs are the other half of Croe’s Cutthroats. Brown without a green cloak. Like their cousins, they show up in a lot of scenarios, die in bunches, DEF 12/ARM 12 but the range attacks weaken player heroes. Losing 2-3 hitpoints, make you a charge victim.

Drudges show up the later scenarios. Tougher than Thugs, DEF 11/ARM 15. Most often they will be knocked down and you will need a second hit to kill them. Metal, muscles and a diving helmet.

Gobber Cutthroats – cut little guys, two knives, DEF 14/ARM 11 makes them hard to hit. They show up a lot.

Rhulic Merc Tough guys, 2 HP,DEF 12/ARM 14 with an Axe and Pistol. He prefers to charge, but will shoot if he can’t charge. That Axe is nasty. Metal breast plate, grey pants, nice looking guy…

Trollkin Scout – Axe and Throwing Axe, prefers to charge. Def 13/Arm 13. 2 hitpoints with a tough roll of 5 or 6 reduces the damage he takes by one.

Ogrun Brute is better know and a carpenter, he hits heroes like they are nails. DEF 11/ARM and 3 Hit points. The two hammer attacks are very dangerous.

Heavy Jacks DEF 10/ARM 14 with EIGHT hit points and when he hits, heroes are knocked down. It take a lot to put one down. VERY dangerous.

Ringleader is the first villain you run into. DEF 14/ARM 10 with six hitpoints. He is hard to hit, but if you hit he does down quickly. Not a melee guy, only a Hand Cannon. Nothing special, dark coat, metal shoulders.

Cephalyx makes Drudges and Monsterosity within 2 squares hit better, ughh. DEF 14/ARM 13 with 2 HP. Sacrificial Pawn make him a #%@& to kill. His Mind Blast is quite accurate and will hurt heroes with an average die roll. Dark Metallic and nasty….

Monsterous Ambrose as nasty as he looks. DEF 10/ARM 14 with four Hit Points. His twin fist can end you…… I like this guy, cloth wrapped feet with metal leg braces. A modesty cloth around his waist. Tubes and hoses here and there. His back is opened, bones, muscles and skin with Tubes on either side. HUGE arms and metal fists. His head is covered, hi must  be really ugly…

Except for Monstrosity, this was pretty quick and a ton of fun. Playing a game with Red/Blue/Purple/Tan pieces just doesn’t look right. The board and such looks so good, painting the models just pushes the whole thing over the top.

To be honest, I would do it again…..

I am already looking at models for Widower’s Wood…..

Till next time,

Just do it…












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