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Plarzoid’s Request #1

Strange title isn’t it… Plarzoid is a friend of mine (and a long time Lostie and a friend to all the animals and birds of the forest, even the ones he plans on making stew out of. He’s practical like … Continue reading

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Now and Then: Zaal’s Immortal Host

This one is my favorite Skorne theme. The Lord Assassin is fun, but Zaal is the best. A theme that requires Hakaar the Destroyer, 3 Extollers and two units of Immortals. You get souls on Extroller, Advanced Deploy Ancestral Guardians … Continue reading

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Trying Mk3 and Balls…..

It has been impossible not to notice Pokeman Go for the last few days. I have zero knowledge about Pokeman. So I loaded it on my phone and tried it last night. Honestly, sitting at home doesn’t show much. I … Continue reading

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Then & Now – Fatso’s Chain Gang

Dominar Rasheth – Fatso – was my first Theme list project in the summer of 2010. I liked Rasheth as soon as I saw the FoH Skorne book. Initially he got a lot of negative press, but after some prominent … Continue reading

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Looking back Looking Ahead – Imperial Assassins

I guess it is time to really start looking at Mk3. Imperial Assassins was one of my favorite 35 pt lists in Mk II. Morghoul2’s original theme force . I still remember the TempleCon game against Silent Bob and his … Continue reading

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Rant – Log Jam!!!

It has been about a month. Why, I don’t know (third base). Well, maybe I do. A lot of March has been taken by conventions. Four days for PAX East and over a week for AdeptiCon. Preparation and planning for … Continue reading

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Project Rolling: Update #11 – Broken Banners & Bugs

Is there such a thing as Con Crud. Is it a cold, flu, exhaustion or all of the above. I didn’t start TempleCon 2015 the way I wanted to. The days before involved a family funeral, travel and hotel rooms. … Continue reading

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Skorne: Gold First Revisited…

December is half gone. I have not done any hobby stuff to speak of. I did Zaadesh in late November so I had a model for Paint the Target on Lost Hemisphere. I made sure I took a bunch of … Continue reading

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Project Rolling: Update #10 – How to build a Rhino!!

It has been years since I painted any Skorne. No particular reason. I got a Mammoth a while ago and I have been slowly cleaning up the glue globs and mold marks to get that back  in shape. At GenCon … Continue reading

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Project Rolling: Update #9 – Preposterous Pantsless Pachysaurus

It has been a long time.  Way to long.  TempleCon has come and gone.  More than once I started to write and nothing got posted.  It didn’t seem right. I have never been happy with the bases on the High … Continue reading

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