Project Ambidextrous Toucan: Update 14 – Mk3 Additions

Llaelese Resistance is what used to be Viva le Resistance…

The only models I painted in Mk2 that isn’t in Mk3 is the Precursor Knight…..

The models for the Mk3 upgrade are not my most ambitious project. I am sitting here smiling because this one will be, well it already is fun…

Caine’s Hellslingers – Have

–    Ace (1 model) Need

Drake MacBain – Painted

–    Reinholdt – Painted

–    Mangler – Painted

Lieutenant Crosse- Have

–    Sylys Wyshnalyr – Have

–    Toro – Need

Colbie Sterling – Have

Eilish Garrity – Painted

Gastone Crosse – Have

Major Harrison Gibbs & a Tuxedo Cat – Have

Sergeant Nicolas Verendrye – Painted

Arcane Tempest Gun Mages -AWOL

–    Arcane Tempest Gun Mage Officer – AWOL 

Thorn Gun Mages – Being Painted

Thorn Gun Mages – Being Painted


While I was roadblocked by a Monstrosity, I started pulling out these models, assembling and priming them. If anyone is checking the models, Eilish Garrity isn’t in the primed model shots, the sneaky bastard was still hiding in the plastic bag from NWPrime.


I decided to brush on some white primer to bring out the details.

When I would paint, I would work on the Monstrosity for a while. Then I painted the Mangler.

Base color is greatcoat gray. One shoulder is Beaten Purple. His right leg is Idrian Brown, the rest is various Metals. With Heartfire and some Sulfurous Yellow for the inside of the stacks, eyes and such. I will always make Mercenary jacks a variety of colors, Mercs make jacks work and save money on paint jobs. Not certain about character jacks…..

Next time, I worked on the Monstrosity and finished him. Then I worked on MacB and Steelhead Nic…

Nothing shocking here, metal, metal and more metal, some brown for the leather, different brown for his sword hilt. Wash this metal, wash that metal, add some highlights. Not happy with his eyes, but from across the table will anyone notice?

Steelhead Nic was so easy is was almost something to laugh about. Most of the MacB colors and some green for his “skirt” ??

One of the hardest things to  do on any hobby/painting project is to keep it going.  If you start to avoid working on that one model or a HUGE unit.. Just do something else for fun. Work on the Roadblock and use the Pallet Cleanser as a fun reward for progress….

One of the things that happened, The Mangler fell of the desk. It broke the body/waist connection. I had to drill 4 holes to remove the pin left in the body. Add a new longer pin to the hips. Then use some Squadron Green to fill the hole. I will add some photos of this at the bottom.

While I was working on that, Reinholdt and Eilish Garrity got some attention. Eilish is getting another sculpt so people who missed the NQPrime can get one.

Rienholdt was so easy, basecoat, Brown ink was, a few highlight. Eilish has many little armor plates. I wanted  blue/gold armor with contrasting blue cloth. Of course he isn’t as hard to do as Skorne with Red/Gold.

I didn’t one color on the Thorn GM units too…

Till next time…

Just do it…















































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