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Project Rolling – Update #5 – Up to date..

I have jumped from one project to another, commissions mixed with worries and fighting depression.  Job search mixed with to few games. I have not put Skorne on the table this year.  Really…  I have not played enough games either. … Continue reading

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Legion of Dawn vs Imperial Executioners

Set up Skorne My deployment was the Lord Assassin and the Pain Givers in the middle. Set up RoS Seems the majority of the Skorne army will be AD. My best bet is to take a corner which will force … Continue reading

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Project Stabby – 1st road test

I went to the Whiz and I saw Dave making a list, asked him for a 35 pt game – “sure, let’s go”. I didn’t take any pictures, I wanted to just play….  Now I wish I had pulled out … Continue reading

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