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Project Ambidextrous Toucan: Update 14 – Mk3 Additions

Llaelese Resistance is what used to be Viva le Resistance… The only models I painted in Mk2 that isn’t in Mk3 is the Precursor Knight….. The models for the Mk3 upgrade are not my most ambitious project. I am sitting … Continue reading

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Project: Clean Sweep: Update 1 – Roadblocks and Pallet Cleansers

The big news, all of the undercity models are painted. The part that sucks is the bases. They are not all done yet. Damn, 48 models and I wanted to make them look like the game board. Just shoot me … Continue reading

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Project: I never did get new HAT!!! #3 – This isn’t easy

This is not an easy one. This will probably read like a project plan. Shrug, I guess it is…. Here are my plans. I hope to put this on a mud & water (swampy) base. I have a “deep blank” … Continue reading

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DiceWraith’s Pigs Update #3 – HobbyStreakDay works – Going Home!

After I made the Helga post, I saw a post with #hobbystreakday(number). It didn’t take long to figure out that, it was a motivational trick, do a half hour of painting, assembling or whatever and post it… So, I started … Continue reading

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DiceWraith’s Pigs Update #2- This makes me happy!!!

It is funny sometimes how life goes in circle. 18 months ago, I picked up these pigs for a very selfish reason. I didn’t want my friend to give up his ‘favorite’ army. Many gamers sell things they do not … Continue reading

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What do I call this one?

This is a long story. My first painted Pig was a Targ for Dicewraith on a Christmas swap. He requested that it have a pink Mohawk. It was his breast cancer army. In 2015  I painted a bunch of gator … Continue reading

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Project Tipsy Hippo – Update #5 – Smashing Roadblocks

Much has happened since last I posted. Yet, not much has changed. I have several half written posts that need to get edited and finished. Why post now? MK3 All of my project are planned around a theme list. The … Continue reading

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Project – I want a new HAT!!! – Update #2 – WTF

Well, if February the Piggy posted his stage #1 and I got to start mine. I picked a ten model unit of Bog Trogs. Seems at least equal to six Pigs with Polearms. I finish my stage two in less … Continue reading

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Rant – Log Jam!!!

It has been about a month. Why, I don’t know (third base). Well, maybe I do. A lot of March has been taken by conventions. Four days for PAX East and over a week for AdeptiCon. Preparation and planning for … Continue reading

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Grace O’Malley – Update #26 – Donate or Paint Complete!

Tuesday started out well. Normal morning routine. Worked on her hair and face, a lot of blending. Thin the paint, add a layer. As the morning when on, I just didn’t feel well. Have had a cold, con crud or … Continue reading

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