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Project: Clean Sweep

The CaptainCon crew has been dabbling with Undercity (UC) for a while. Quite a bit of fun. Cory showed us the Super Deluxe Huge Widower’s Wood  (WW) Trunk with a ton of Gators, Trogs and other swampy things…. Immediately, I … Continue reading

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Project: I never did get new HAT!!! #3 – This isn’t easy

This is not an easy one. This will probably read like a project plan. Shrug, I guess it is…. Here are my plans. I hope to put this on a mud & water (swampy) base. I have a “deep blank” … Continue reading

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DiceWraith’s Pigs Update #3 – HobbyStreakDay works – Going Home!

After I made the Helga post, I saw a post with #hobbystreakday(number). It didn’t take long to figure out that, it was a motivational trick, do a half hour of painting, assembling or whatever and post it… So, I started … Continue reading

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Then & Now – The Commodore

I expect to see the Commodore on the table a little more in Mk3. The fact that this unit can work with Fiona the Black and Captain Bartolo Montador will see to that. The Stat line for the Commodore didn’t … Continue reading

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Looking back Looking Ahead – Imperial Assassins

I guess it is time to really start looking at Mk3. Imperial Assassins was one of my favorite 35 pt lists in Mk II. Morghoul2’s original theme force . I still remember the TempleCon game against Silent Bob and his … Continue reading

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Grace O’Malley – Update #25 – is a project ever really complete???

I am updating this post that I never finished. I was hoping The Devil’s Shadow Mutineers would work with Fiona the Black. Nope, nothing for my favorite Thamarite. The sure looked like they might be Thamarites.  Shrug.. Little did I know … Continue reading

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New Project – DiceWraith’s Pigs – Mk3 begins!

For many years, I have chat’d and swapped emails with DiceWraith. There was a Paint & Swap in 2010. I was doing Croak Hunter. DiceWraith watched progress on my blog and I think he saw the finished product too. Link … Continue reading

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Project – I want a new HAT!!! – Update #3 – Is it really Spring?

I sit here with the windows opened and a nice breeze. I am walking with the dog every day. She seems to like it, but I am over a mile and a half (not bad for an old fart), but … Continue reading

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Project – I want a new HAT!!! – Update #2 – WTF

Well, if February the Piggy posted his stage #1 and I got to start mine. I picked a ten model unit of Bog Trogs. Seems at least equal to six Pigs with Polearms. I finish my stage two in less … Continue reading

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Rant – Log Jam!!!

It has been about a month. Why, I don’t know (third base). Well, maybe I do. A lot of March has been taken by conventions. Four days for PAX East and over a week for AdeptiCon. Preparation and planning for … Continue reading

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