Project Ambidextrous Toucan: Update 13 Wrapping it up…


Here is the whole thing!

I have moved on to working on Gray Muffin. Not a huge shock. I knocked of that Gator in the last week too..


Ashlynn and her Battle Group. Two ARM 19 jacks with shield guard should help her stay upright. You have to be careful Advance Deploy on your caster can get you killed pretty quickly. A good set of spells and one “heck” of a Feat will help. I kind of think getting Ashlynn in range for an assassination run is worth thinking about.

C360_2014-10-29-14-02-55-129She can use a wide variety of solos, some of the best. You can Madelyn in the previous photo. Gorman is hiding under his hat and didn’t get in this photo, but he will be in most lists. The point of having a tool box of solos is the Tier 2 bonus. This list gets to redeploy solos after everything is has deployed. Might come in handy.


Rutger Shaw and Taryn di la Ravissi are solos, but their abilities almost make them a unit.

Shaw’s drive give his jack a reroll on an attack. So ranged or melee works with him. He is tough, has dodge, a magic sword and a hand cannon. Flank with his jack and Taryn.

Taryn has twin Magelock Pistols. Low POW, but nice attack types. She gets Dodge and Tough from Shaw.


C360_2014-10-29-13-57-56-800Amethyst Rose, you know, the gunmages. A mule is my jack of choice with them, but almost anything that can shoot is good.

Captain Sam MacHorne & the Devil Dogs will have a jack with them too. Her drive give a full advance. I painted a Talon and I have a Buccaneer, but there are a C360_2014-10-29-13-55-41-157wide variety of tricks you can pull with her.  Two melee weapons on the Grunts. A net that Entangles and Pick Axe that gets and extra die vs Jacks. The slug gun is very short range with a POW 14. The RAT is low, so shoot at knocked down stuff.

C360_2014-10-29-13-56-32-400Precursor Knights, blessed weapons, shield wall with Spell Ward, what else do I have to say. The Officer can heal. Once per game the unit gets an additional damage die. Why don’t we see more of this unit?

Dannon Blythe & Bull… Blythe prevents tough and has Removed from play. She also has Prey. Bull has Rapid Fire on is BFG. It has crit knockdown and beat back. He also has backswing on his Sword. This unit screams movement tricks. Put quicken on them, maybe Medelyn move someone 3″, Anastasia adds a little espionage and they can be almost anywhere.

I’m not trying to say this is the best list there is, but it has a lot of variety and some very different options.


Here is a little preview of Gray Muffin….

Black WidowsTill Next time,

Just do it!!!



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