Home Depot is a Nightmare: Update #5

Things keep happening. Life is very busy the last few days….

Friday afternoon A new Stove was delivered. At the same time I got a phone call from Home Depot Warranty (not the company name).

I got an email on Monday “As we discussed, I am requesting a reimbursement for the plan on both the range and the fridge. ”

I thought it was almost over, still a few things to do…..

I went to make lunch. the top part of the panel (clock and stove top controls) didn’t look right.








It looks like this one was damaged in the Warehouse. WTF



Honestly, I didn’t beat this with a baseball bat or anything else….

Just another example of Don’t shop a HOME DEPOT

Once again, that you to the incompetent Tech at  https://www.advantageappliance.biz/ and the company that won’t take responsibiltiy for the Tech not finding the problem and blowing up Stove #1…

Now Stove #2 need replacement…  Would you expect a company this is replacing an appliance to make sure the new one is perfect?

This should be fun….

Till next time….

Just do it…




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