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Back on the Road

It has been over a week.  Ups and downs, nothing great, nothing tragic.. I had three days to paint last week and today. Black Cat is done.  She came out a lot better than I thought she would.  I did … Continue reading

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Looking ahead…

A couple of times I have had someone ask me if I can paint something.  I have had to say “how soon do you want it!” Obligations, promises, commissions, charity stuff, my stuff….   I am just so backed up. … Continue reading

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WR Rant

It is about 30 hours since War Room was released. What the hell is going on.  I have played and enjoyed Privateer Press products for way over five year.  Warmachine/Hordes primarily.  PP isn’t perfect, but they don’t miss very often. … Continue reading

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Legion of Dawn vs Imperial Executioners

Set up Skorne My deployment was the Lord Assassin and the Pain Givers in the middle. Set up RoS Seems the majority of the Skorne army will be AD. My best bet is to take a corner which will force … Continue reading

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