Looking ahead…

A couple of times I have had someone ask me if I can paint something.  I have had to say “how soon do you want it!”

Obligations, promises, commissions, charity stuff, my stuff….   I am just so backed up.  Maybe my plate is just to full…

One of the reasons for this post is just to have one list with everything on it.

  • Void Spirit – exchange
  • Saxon Orrik – exchange
  • Mage Hunter Assassin – exchange
  • Stryker2 – exchange
  • Dark Eldar various – commission – as much as I can squeeze in…
  • Legion Garganutua – Charity (not going to show up early enough for me to do it)
  • Troll Cav & Dragoon – commission
  •  Three Blackfrost Shard – charity
  • Siege Animantarx – 90% – charity
  • Siege Animantarx – 75% – mine
  • Two BFF for LH (best friend forever caster & jack/beast) with a write up
  • Testament of Menoth (might change) – exchange
  • Five model unit (negociationg) – commission
  • A Holilday exchange will be showing up soon.. – exchange
  • Finish Grace O’Malley
    1. Ten Press Gang – 90%
    2. Seven Sea Dogs
    3. Six Press Gang
    4. Seven Sea Dogs (Ruth’s doing them)
    5. Buccaneer
    6. Galleon – only dreaming
  • Another project for me after Grace O’Malley is one…….
  • Some of the locals are making noise like they want to do a Journeyman league in Nov/Dec/Jan….  Just F’n Shoot Me……

None of these seem that large by itself, but when I look at them all….   it seems like so much.  If I find a job I don’t know what I will do…  some times my head spins..

I tend to put extra effort into charity and exchange models.  I have a hard time lowering my standards.

A lot of this has to be done in Dec or Jan at the latest.

I don’t want to take anything off this list, but I really can’t add anything either.

No rest for the Wicked

Just do it…..

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