Back on the Road

It has been over a week.  Ups and downs, nothing great, nothing tragic..

Camera 360I had three days to paint last week and today.

Black Cat is done.  She came out a lot better than I thought she would.  I did the hair and fur in a light bluish grey.  Then did some Morrowan White.  Simple and straight forward.  The body (upper) was all black and I did some dark grey shading.  The skin, not a lot of that got as much shading as I could.  The mask is black and I tried to do her eye too.  The chain is cold steel, a black wash with silver highlights.  The connectors in the chain are Molten Bronze and a little brass balls.

I have had some people tell me I must have done a head swap.  I think I will take that as a Camera 360compliment.  It wasn’t easy to carve the armor from around her neck and find a chin under all that metal.

The base is home made, cork in two layers.  Trimmed it down until she is almost stepping off the front.  Painted Black, drybrushed dark grey.  Added some Renaissance Ink flocking paste.  Fine work well for a little snow.  I painted it a light blue grey and touched it up with Morrowan White.

Camera 360My last exchange model is Magnus the Traitor.  The colors I chose, Exile Blue, Traitor Green and Rucksack Tan.  There are some others..  I wanted to do his shoulders in Blue.  He used to be Cygnar.  The cloak is Traitor Green and the pants are tan.  A lot of metal on him.  Mostly Pig Iron with a black wash and a little steel for highlights.

A lot of work on his face, tried to make him look like he hadn’t shaved in a while.

I did a light blue edge on the blade.  Well, it is magic.  Not sure I like it.  I may try to make it a little less obvious next time I go in.  The cloak has Traitor Green, Thornwood Green and Camera 360Battledress Green.  I also used a little Menoth White Highlight to bring out the tips.

I tried something on the engine stack in the back.  Looking at this picture, it didn’t work.  Fix that on Wednesday.  The engine door needs some touch up too..

Other than that I hope he gets a good home and a lot of table time.  I might have to do this guy for me too. I really like the way he came out.  If the exchange doesn’t happen, do I get to keep him?

Next I moved on to the Press Gang.  Six to go.  It is nice that there is only one duplicate model.  As with all the rest of the pirates, everyone will be different.  Taking this to extremes I guess…

Camera 360Here they are after a little work last week, nothing fancy, black shoes, some tan, some flesh..

Camera 360I had a few hours today and had some fun adding some color to them.  I hope I didn’t got to crazy with the stripes.  That is where I stopped today.  Still a lot of detailing to do.  Damn that yellow/orange is bright.

  • Template, Scenario table and terrain work for TempleCon – Progress..
  • Finish Grace O’Malley
    1. Six Press Gang – 70%
    2. Galleon – only dreaming
    3. Seven Sea Dogs – 43% (Ruth’s doing these)
  • Major Katherine Laddermore – gift
  • BFF for LH (best friend forever caster & jack/beast)
  • Troll Cav & Dragoon – 40% – commission
  • Work on Project Rolling –
  • Dark Eldar various – commission – Will it ever end?
  • Project Sisters
      1. Stalker 60%
      2. Stalker 60%
      3. Machine Wraith 20%
      4. Machine Wraith 20%
  • Another project for me, after Grace O’Malley is Complete……
  • Magnus the Traitor – exchange 
  • Mage Hunter Assassin – exchange
  • Grey Knight Stormraven – commission

My wife has gone Flu paranoid.  I go to the game store and she worries about me getting sick.  She goes to the Gym and supermarket and there is nothing to worry about.  Sure, right, that make sense.  Honestly, it is a nasty one and it seems to be everywhere.  Shrug, keeping my fingers crossed..

Till next time…

Just do it..

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