Legion of Dawn vs Imperial Executioners

Set up Skorne

My deployment was the Lord Assassin and the Pain Givers in the middle.

Set up RoS

Seems the majority of the Skorne army will be AD. My best bet is to take a corner which will force the Lord Assassin to come across a lot of open terrain in order to get to me. I deploy the Manticore about 12 inches from my right board edge. There is a three man block of Dawnguard Invictors to its right and left, Phoenix is deployed on the other side of both groups of Invictors, Dawnlord Vyros is behind the Manticore, the Dawnguard Scyir and his Griffon are deployed about 8 inches away from the left Phoenix, and the Arcanist is between my main battle line and the Scyir.

Skorne Advanced Deployment

Five Beasts in the Center all Advanced Deployed.  A Rhinodon, two Razorworms, Basilisk Krea, and a Cyclops Brute.  Why so many Beasts you ask?  I usually need a bunch of transfer targets.  A unit of Bloodrunner and a solo on the left and right.  The third Bloodrunner solo is in the center so she can support the units if I lose one.

RoS Advanced Deploymet


Skorne thoughts after deployment

Three heavy Jacks a medium and very little infantry.  I can’t hurt the Jacks.  I have to ignore them, take the losses and go for Vyros.  Speed is the key, a long game is a bad thing.

RoS thought after deployment

I shouldn’t have a problem with his infantry. They can ping my heavies for a point per hit, but if they cluster I can combust on them and not have to worry about thier high defense. The same goes for the Lord Assassin. As long as I keep Vyros out of the Lord Assassin’s charge range I should be ok.

Turn 1 Skorne

I put the Razorworm animus on a Bloodrunner, run the unit and solo into a lump that is stealth and immune to blast damage.  The Cyclops Brute put his animus on the Morghoul, if he gets knocked down he is toast.  Vyros in on my far left, so I shift to the left as much as I can.

Turn 1 RoS

I place Inviolable Resolve on the Invictors. The armor bonus won’t due any good because of the auto-point of damage the Bloodrunners can do, but it still makes them fearless. His army is fast and they have stealth, and don’t suffer blast damage. That makes my Phoenix’s Halo Cannons useless this turn. It’s better to move forward a little, but stay out of charge range and let them come to me. Everyone in the main battle line moves forward their maximum walking speed and waits for round, except the Manticore which drops a Covering Fire aoe right in front of one of the Bloodrunner units.. The Scyir, Griffon, and Arcanist shift towards the main battle line keeping the left flank closed to the Lord Assassin and the second unit of Bloodrunners.

Turn 2 Skorne

Ran both units of Bloodrunner into or past the Jack line, his Dawn Guard with guns are a little behind that in groups of three.  The Cyclops Brute put his animus on the Lord Assassin.  I move Morghoul like a torpedo, tracking Vyros.  The Lord Assassin has plenty of fury and pops his feat.  I expect to take some damage this turn.

Turn 2 RoS

I check my control range and find that the Lord Assassin is within striking distance of Vyros. With his feat up I don’t have much of a chance hitting his models in melee. So I opt for the easier plan, Combusiton attacks and Vyros’ feat. I pop my feat and move Vyros away from the Lord Assassin, making sure I have more than 12″ between us. I send the Phoenix on the right into the Bloodrunners and use Combustion. I am able to take out three with the attack and don’t have reach to the other models. I put the focus on the Phoenix on the left. It walks into combat and Combusts. I take out three Bloodrunners from the left group and catch the Lord Assassin and the Brute as well. Those focus go on the Manticore. I use the three focus on the Phoenix two buy an attack and boost the to hit roll on the Lord Assassin. Miracles happen and I actually manage to hit him and the damage is transfered to one of the worms. The Arcanist gives the Manticore +2 to damage. The Manticore spends a focus to get +3 STR, another for the charge on the Lord Assassin, the last is a boost to hit. Unfortunately, I miss the attack but it would have been so sweet if it had connected. I use the last focus to drop a cover fire right on top of Vyros. The Griffon engage some more of the Bloodrunners on the left and manage to kill one.  The Invictors manage to kill off a few more Bloodrunners.  Not a bad turn.

Turn 3 Skorne

I lose a lot of Bloodrunners last turn.  I used what I had left to clear some infantry.  The Cyclops Brute put his animus on the Lord Assassin.  The Pain Givers heal the worms, the left one is pretty much gone.  I enraged the Rhino and slammed the Manticore into the right side Phoenix.  I used his tail to beat on the Manticore and filled him with Fury (mistake).

I had a good line of sight to Vyros, but came up short on the charge.  Maybe an 1 1/2″….  I killed a Dawn Guard.  Full of Fury, hope to survive the onslaught.  If I do, I can finish him.

Turn 3 RoS

Fire went out on the Lord Assassin during Skorne’s turn and the Brute didn’t suffer any damage I also dodged a bullet last round with the Lord Assassin not being in charge range of Vyros, but the Bloodrunners are sick. I had no idea they were able to teleport around the board like them. Next time I face them I’ll have to bring Garryth. Anyway, I choose to allocate one of my focus to the Phoenix on the left. Vyros is going to need most of it trying to kill the Lord Assassin. I use the rest of my army first letting them try to damage him and making him transfer to his beasts. The right Phoenix moves in and combusts, doing some damage that is transfer to the right most Razor Worm and killing it off. I use the Invictors with flank to do some more damage that is transferred to the Krea and the Brute (he filled the unhurt Rhino up with fur and cannot use it as a transfer target). The other Phoenix comes over and combusts and I’ve used up most of his transfers. I think of holding my focus for a moment, but them the Lord Assassin has Arcane Assassin and that won’t do me a bit of good. It’s all or nothing so Vyros charges in. He hits and it takes out his final transfer. Buy an attack, boost to hit, and boost damage kills the Lord Assassin.

Skorne closing thoughts

I made a couple of mistakes.

1st – I had an undamaged Rhinodon, I filled him with Fury and could not transfer to him.  He could have taken one hit, maybe two.  That could have made the difference.

2nd – The Lord Assassin gets to place 2″ at the beginning of the turn.  I didn’t use this on turns 1 and 2.  I wasted 4″ of movement.  I could also have Pushed the Lord Assassin with a power attack by any beast.  This gives a 1″ move.  I never did that either.

So I could have had up to 7″ more movement, that makes my 1 1/2 inch miss on the charge seem so much closer.

Fun game Tavis, till next time…

RoS closing thoughts

People who think themed lists aren’t viable are insane. This army walks around what ever is on the field ignoring free strikes, teleporing where they want to go, and is in your base killin’ your doodz before you know it. My army is fast but I couldn’t use that to my advantage this game. Keeping the Lord Assassin out of charge range was key, as well as having special attacks that did not need a roll to hit. Without the Phoenixes I would have been toast.

Fun game, but next time it will be assassin vs. assassin.

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7 Responses to Legion of Dawn vs Imperial Executioners

  1. Travis says:

    Sounds like a fantastic game. I really like both theme forces and wouldn’t have thought to make that Vyros list. Consider both lists stolen. 😉

    The only thing I noticed that sounded illegal was using a focus to buy a Covering Fire (Special Action) because that model has already made attack, utilizing a Special Action is illegal. Even if it had been a Special Attack, you can’t buy it because you made an initial charge attack.

    When did the Skorne player feat? It seemed like a good time to feat would have been turn 3 when Vyros wasn’t in charge range. As a player that’s faced the Lord Assassin a few times, I always forget about his Apparition during the Control Phase as well.

  2. Who paint these fantastic RoS?

    does someone have detail pictures?



    • Dark Lord of Puppies says:

      Yeah, the cover fire was an unintentional mistake. I should have done it before I attacked. It would have prevented the Manticore from charging, but I had range to walk in, drop a cover fire (no focus), buy an attack (1 focus), boost to hit (1 focus), boost damage if I hit which I didn’t. The end result would have been the same for the round, but I was stupid.

      As far as the paint job, all me and I can do some detail shots if wanted.

      • Travis says:

        Even still, because the Covering Fire is a Special Action, you cannot buy attacks after you do it, just so you are aware.

        All in all, one minor mistake that you know the answer to now. 🙂

        I think those models on both sides look fantastic.

  3. EclecticGamer says:

    Great battle report, love seeing the Lord Assassin.

    I’ve been wanting to try out Vyros with a bunch of jacks and this is making me consider another heavy.

    I love Battle reports with nice pictures. It’s also great to hear opinions from both players.

    As Travis said, you can’t spend focus to make a *Attack or *Action, that might have dissuaded a pile of bloodrunners from engaging him.

  4. lonelymonk says:

    Tavis is a local player who spends a lot of time and effort on his “angry” elves. They are pink for breast cancer and he has a bunch of conversions. Maybe I can get some good photo and ask him to do a write up? How about a female Garryth???

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