Home Depot is a Nightmare

Don’t you love it when you buy the “extended warranty” and the company plays  Mommy Mommy Daddy Daddy …..  Each different part of the company points at someone else to fix the problem…

The Known Ferengi Rules of Acquisition

Number Rule

Once you have their money… you never give it back.

About 14 months ago we purchase a new dishwasher, refrigerator and stove. We purchased the 5 year warranty.

Last Saturday 27 June at about 4 PM we went to cook dinner and the store didn’t work. It showed an F9 E0 error code. Google said it was an electrical fault. We opened the breaker. No help on the weekend, waited for Monday…

Called Whirlpool – it has been over a year, home depot warranty should cover it…  https://www.homedepot.com/c/The_Home_Depot_Protection_Plans

Called  Home depot Warranty, they contacted (AAS) Advanced Appliance Services.  They scheduled a tech on Tuesday https://www.advantageappliance.biz/

The tech arrived from AAS. He asked for us to turn the power on. We did. He pulled the stove away from the wall. A Fire Ball came out from the back of the stove. The breaker opened. He removed an aluminium cover and told us that there was an installation problem. He had to order a wire harness and it would cast about $90-$100. The Tech who checked it out didn’t even see half of the damage and missed things that should be repaired.

I removed the aluminum cover and took this picture.

The 220 V cable has 3 wire with lugs attached. The left one is burned, the wire VAPORIZED. The lug is still on the block. The 3rd wire is the black spot in the hole…  To Vaporize that wire and lug takes way over 100 amp and popped the breaker. No way to know the damage to the internal wiring. Replace the Stove.

The Red wire connected to that is burned and discolored from the heat.  It should not be used again… You can see that the copper lug connecting the upper Red/White/Black wires. The red wire lug is Black, the White/Black ones are copper….

The wiring block has 5 bolts. The left one has the nut welded onto the bolt. The block needs to be replaced.

All three of the nuts are NOT tight. This is the original problem… to bad the tech didn’t check before he blew up the stove.

The Tech told us to turn on the power. Anyone with any electrical troubleshooting knowledge knows you inspect with the power off before you power up anything… If the Tech would have check the Stove with the power off there wouldn’t be any damage. He could have tightened 3 nuts and all would have been good.

AAS refuses to repair this without my buying a cable and don’t even know half of the work needed to repair this.. Home Depot Warranty says it was an installation problem, contact the store you purchased the stove from. The Shrewsbury Home Depot says call Home Depot Warranty….

The Tech think the cable is the only thing that needs to be replaced. His skill is obviously deficient….

We are getting a run around from AAS, Home Depot Warranty, Home Depot in Shrewsbury. Help….

I posted this story to 3 Boston Television Station’s Consumer Help Desks…

I want a new Stove, wouldn’t you?

Home Depot can’t Spell Customer Service!!!!

Till next time….

Just do it….  but don’t buy from Home Depot

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1 Response to Home Depot is a Nightmare

  1. I would elevate to Home Depot corporate, with a copy of your blog. Maybe also the Worcester T&G. I use the Home Depot in Auburn and have always found them responsive.

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