The Wheel Demands it!!!! – spin it again….

Well, the Llealese Resistance is as done as I can make it right now. Waiting for 3 Avatars…

Yesterday morning, I took all of the Bases for Project Sisters: Et ex Patriarchus. Scrubbed them in warm soapy water with an old toothbrush. Rinsed them and let them dry.

In the afternoon, after I was done painting, I primed all of the bases with White Stynylres.

This afternoon, I looked up how I painted my original bases . The first color was Bootstrap Leather. I just ordered a new pot, the old one is running on empty. I scraped up enough to basecoat the two 120 mm bases.

I figure it is easier to spin again and see what I get. It is easier for me not to spend day after day on one project. Variety is fun. I deleted Llealese Resistance, so there are now there are 9 option. Then I spun the wheel.

Undercity/Widower’s Wood is a Privateer Boardgame. I think things are always more fun with painted model. I did a full set of Undercity last year. I swapped all the villains with a friend. He had painted his heroes. I don’t mind doing another set. It is not a new project, I already have over half of Undercity painted. The different races and variety of models give me a chance to try now colors and to experiment.

Here is a link that shows all the Undercity/Widower’s Wood Models……  Linky….

Off to the LGStore tomorrow….  Social painting, I hope…

Till next time….

Just do it…..

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