I think I’m in love

I have always done my own bases.  The new Clash of the Titans project (as seen on Lost Hemisphere), Sister, perplexed me.  I wanted a different base for the army.  I played with several idea and none of them work out.

I kept looking at Dragon Forge bases and took the plunge.

I got enough to do a 50pt T4 list and a few extras for expansion. I picked the Forgotten Empires set, got some of each size and am very pleased with them. I have a dozen 50mm, five 40mm and twenty 30mm.  I found them with almost no flash and zero imperfections.  I was able to clear the flash with a thumbnail. I picked four P3 colors to use.

I based with Bootstrap leather.

Washed them with Battlefield Brown.

Heavy Dry Brush with Rucksach Tan then a light Dry Brush with Menoth White Base.

It took a little over an hour (know counting the time to let the Battlefield Brown wash to dry…

Two thumbs up…..

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3 Responses to I think I’m in love

  1. Metsuri says:

    Nice work on the resin bases. They are a nice addition, but like you I like to make my own most of the time. There are now so many manufacturers of great resin bases, that once you want something a bit different they are readily available.

  2. Hess says:

    They look great, I look forward to seeing them with your minis.

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