Project Rolling – Update 2 – Twenty Six Pieces

When I think of Xerxis,  I think about the Cataphracts.  Don’t you?  I have a full unit of Cetrati and Arcuarii.  I think two small unit of Arcuarii will be useful sometimes.  The Cetrati also have a Unit attachment.  Tyrant Vorkesh is a little different and I really look forward to painting him.

These three models are twenty six pieces between them.  The body of Vorkesh is hollow.  I used Squadron Green putty to fill that hole.  The harpoon on the Arcuarii leader was bent when I got it.  I drilled it out and pinned it.  Not really that hard to do.

Vorkesh is pretty reasonable on parts.  He has shoulders, weapon and shield.  I drilled and pinned the weapon arm.  The shoulders and shield have nice large areas to glue.

The Arcuarii, here is where it gets crazy.  Well at least I am not doing six of them this time.  Shoulders and flags, the leader gets his flag, the grunt has his weapon and a loop of chain.

As is my habit, I prime and base coat the part and glue them as needed to detail the model.

My first step is go to do the gold.  I base coat with a Rhulic Gold replacement.  (I hear rumors that we might see it back in stock this year).  Then I use P3 Brown ink (thin it out with mix medium and flow improver) .  Last is a Solid Gold dry brush.  Make sure you thin the paint, if you do this straight out the pot, you will lose a lot of detail.

Next I took Skorne Red and base coated the cloth in the back.  The left over paint was thinned down with Mix Medium and Flow.  I used a small brush to dab this into the armor.  Be careful not to get to much.

You cal also see that I am using my cork base with some Renaissance Ink Acrylic around the edge.

Thamar Black is next.  The ropes around his waist, some of the cloth, the gems all get a base coat.   The left over black is again thinned with Mix Medium and flow.  There are small areas of the armor that need that black.

Looking at this back shot of Vorkesh, I missed the gold on his skirt and had to go back and do that.  You can see the red on the armor.  It is to thin.  Better to do two or three thin coat.  If you get to much, you have to redo the gold.  Trust me, detailing that gold is to much work.

I know I am showing Vorkesh photos, but the process is the same for any Skorne with ornate armor.  That is almost every one of them isn’t it?

I did the flesh next.  I like to do that before the shoulders are glued in.  It keeps the gold on the shoulders form turning white…

The parts, shoulders, shield and all get the same thing.  Gold, then red, finally the black.  Then I started gluing on things.

The shoulders and shield of Vorkesh.   I used Coal Black to add depth and color to the inside of the cloth, the ropes and the gems.

Now it is a mater of all the little details.  I used a little black on the “X” on the armor.  These are ropes that hold the armor together (like Samurai armor).  Then I touched the top of them with lightened Coal Black.  I also took a thin P3 Brown ink and went over the red armor.  This added a nice shadow between the gold and red.

The cloth is high lighted and shaded with Sanguine Base and Khador Red Base.  That brown ink also got used on the shoulder horns.   Menoth White Base, then brown ink mix, touch it up with Menoth White Highlights.

The Weapons are Pig Iron, P3 Armor Wash, Cold Steel highlights..

The last thing to talk about are the flags.  I paint them on the spru.  Then I drill the holes a little bigger.  This gets the end of the flag deeply into the hole.  Yes, it is a pain in the ass to put them in, but I really like the way then look.  My other Cataphracts are over two years old.  I have had to reglue two or three.  If you do it right, they don’t fall off.

So I have one of my Tiers done.  I needed two units and now I have three.  I have already done the Bronzeback, so the last requirement is Artillery.  Two units will qualify me for Tier 4.  That won’t be the end.  I still need some more options…

Keep an eye out in Lost Hemisphere for another Clash of the Titans update next week..

Just do it…

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