DiceWraith’s Pigs Update #1- kick the tires & light the fires!! Time to get moving..

It has been quite a while without doing anything for this project…

Last Oct/Nov I painted a BUNCH of pigs for a Colorado charity tournament. I painted Targ, 4 Brigands and Maximus for Kater’s Pig too.

There is a lot more work to do ….

The models I have are a random mixture of Blue and Pink Mohawk hair on the units, solos, Warlocks and beasts. I will make this into 50%. Two Road Hogs will be one pink and the other one blue. Units and Beast. Solos and Warlocks will have pink Hair or highlights. Non Farrow solos and Units will have some pink highlights.  I like the secondary purple on the cloths on some models, so that will stay as a painting plan color.


Dr Archadius has three tanks on his back and weapon, Strum & Drang has two tanks on his back. These are all blue. I will mix the colors. Dr. A pink, green, blue, S&D blue & pink.

Add some fire/smoke to the Beast Boilers and the same to Strum and Drang. They sure look like there a small boiler that they share.

The current status….

Purple = done
Blue = Painted needs touchup
Green = Partially Painted
Orange = Assembled & primed
Red = Have the model
Black = Need the model

  • Lord Carver, BMMD, Esq. III – WB: +28
  • Dr. Arkadius – WB: +32
  • Sturm & Drang – WB: +28
  • Midas – WB: +30
  • Helga the Conquerer – WB: +29
  • –    Targ – PC: 4
  • –    War Hog – PC: 15 
  • –    War Hog – PC: 15 
  • –    Road Hog – PC: 16
  • –    Road Hog – PC: 16
  • –    Gun Boar – PC: 9
  • –    Gun Boar – PC: 9
  • –    Battle Boar – PC: 7
  • –    Battle Boar – PC: 7
  • –    Splatter Boar – PC: 8
  • –    Splatter Boar – PC: 8
  • –    Razor Boar – PC: 7
  • –    Razor Boar 
  • –    Razor Boar – PC: 7
  • –    Razor Boar 
  • –    Razor Boar – PC: 7
  • –    Razor Boar 
  • –    Gorax Rager – PC: 7
  • –    Gorax Rager – PC: 7
  • Meat Thresher – PC: 16
  • Agata, Queen of Carnage – PC: 5
  • Maximus – PC: 4
  • Rorsh – Rorsh & Brine: – PC: 15 
  • Farrow Bone Grinders – Leader & 5 Grunts: 8
  • Farrow Bone Grinders – Leader & 3 Grunts: 5
  • Farrow Brigands – Leader & 9 Grunts: 15 – Farrow Brigand Warlord – PC: 4
  • Farrow Brigands – Leader & 9 Grunts: 15 – Farrow Brigand Warlord – PC: 4
  • Farrow Commandos – Leader & 9 Grunts: 15
  • Farrow Commandos – Leader & 9 Grunts: 15
  • Farrow Slaughterhousers – Leader & 5 Grunts: 11
  • Farrow Slaughterhousers – Leader & 5 Grunts: 11
  • Farrow Razorback Crew – Gunner & Grunt: 5
  • Farrow Razorback Crew – Gunner & Grunt: 5
  • Alten Ashley – PC: 6
  • Efaarit Scouts – PC: 6
  • Efaarit Scouts – PC: 6
  • Gudrun the Wanderer – PC: 5
  • Hutchuk, Ogrun Bounty Hunter – PC: 6
  • Lanyssa Ryssyl, Nyss Sorceress – PC: 4
  • Raluk Moorclaw, the Ironmonger – PC: 4
  • Saxon Orrik – PC: 4
  • Swamp Gobber Chef – PC: 1
  • Viktor Pendrake – PC: 5

Today I will do some assembling and basing, maybe some priming too….

I am listing the non Piggy Minions as part of this project, but they work Skorne and Gators too. So, they are icing on the cake. This project is about PIGGIES…..

Till next time…

Just do it….



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Project: I never did get new HAT!!! – SOO update #2 – Packing up

A couple of weeks ago, I posted some goals to paint and take to SOO.

  1. Blind Walker – done
  2. Croak Raiders – two units done
  3. Mist Speaker – two done
  4. Thrullg – two done
  5. Wrastler – done
  6. Trog Harpooner – three done


When those goal seemed achievable I added some stretch goals.

  1. Ironback Spitter – done
  2. Croak Hunters – three done
  3. Gobber Chef – assembled and primed
  4. Gobber Tinker – assembled and primed

The Smurfs got done first.

I base coated them with Cygnar Blue Base. Then drybrushed on frostbite to lighten their backs, arms and legs. Exile Blue was used for the dark spots. I mixed up a Blue ink wash. It was a little thin so I applied it twice.

The Bumblebees are different in the skin, the rest the details are the same.

Basecoat in Heartfire, drybrush with Cynus Yellow. Wash with a mix of red & yellow ink. Then Thamar Black on the “front”, his belly, legs and arms. The back of the arm, legs and torso are yellow patches with black spots

I used Gun Corp Brown to start the ropes, grenades and quivers. Then I thinned out Umbral Umber with flow improver and a little Mat Medium to bring out the details. Hammerfall Khaki was the final step on the ropes.

The quivers got some Wurm green for the ropes. It needed some color. Feathers on the darts are Beaten Purple or Sanguine Highlights. I mixed in some MWH to add some high lights. The flames started with Sulfuric Yellow and ended with Khador Red Base. Arrow heads are Greatcoat Gray with MWH for cords. The weapon is Battlefield Brown and the dart shaft is Gun Corp Brown. Bone Jack, a brown wash and some MWH on the bone weapons. Khador Red Base on the crab claws around their necks.

The Blind Walker is a concept piece. I had an idea based on the fluff. This guy would be bleached out from the frog toxin and the rest of the ritual. Bastion Gray base and lighted almost to Morrow White on the skin. Claws, teeth and bones are Bone Jack ->MWH with some shading washes. Beaten Purple and Heartfire for the ropes. Blighted Gold & Brass Balls on the metal. The Fire goes from Sulfurous Yellow->Ordic Olive. The candles are the same colors as the ropes, just mixed them with MWH. Really proud of him, better than I hoped for.

Thrullg are really easy for me. Beaten Purple base. Wash with a thin blue ink wash. Brush with more purple and more purple with some MWH.  Claws, eyes and done..

The Wrastler was based in Battlefield Brown, brushed in Thronewood Green. The add some Rucksack Tan. Rope are Hammerfall Khaki. Pig Iron on the metal. Some Bloodstone for rust.  Nothing exciting.

The Trogs had their skin done with the FoH Minion formula. I did a different color for the fins and rough skin on all of them.

Harpoons have a bunch of metals and armor wash mixes on them. The leather cape also has some claws and hooks. Metal weapons started with Pig iron and Bootstrap Leather. There are a lot of ropes on them, Hammerfall Khaki and a wash did most of that.

Mist Speakers to some work. The kilt/skirt has a net of ropes with what I took to be stones attached. The weapon looks to be a stone axe. The handle looks like wood wrapped up and in between seems like bones and rope/vines. The left hand has a totem? On top is a fish? Below that are bones, ropes, beads, feathers. At the bottom is a bird claw holding a crystal? These details are interpretations. I hope they work. Bones here and there. The other one has a different stone & totem colors.

The Ironback Spitter was based on a painted turtle. Google painted turtle and you can find plenty of picture. Based in Cryx Bane Base. The legs, arms and head are striped with Wurm Green & Sulfuric Yellow. The belly pattern is based on these turtles too.  Khador Red Highlights, Ordic Olive and Sulfuric Yellow. Some Khador Red Highlights on the edge of the shell. A Drybrush of Ordic Olive on the back of the shell and this guy is done.

Three Croak Hunters…  After doing 2o Raider, this was pretty easy. One Blue, one bumblebee and one studio. Weapons are Greatcoat Gray, Bastion Gray and Wurm Green. Turtle shell is Ordic Olive.  Overall, pretty easy compared to some of this stuff.

The gobbers got left for last. Basing was the reason. The swamp bases for amphibious take two days to do 3-4 layers of water effects. The green swirls are from putting a think wash of cooler between the layers. Love these bases and the way the come out. Thanks Jeff, from Dragon Forge.In Mk2, I used to do complete theme lists. Most or all of the legal options. Blindwater looks like it will be my first Mk3 theme list finished to that level. I won’t bore you with what I have painted. I have already done that. Here is what can still add to this.

  1. Bog Trog Ambushers
  2. Victor Pendrake
  3. Gobber Tinker (in progress)
  4. Swamp Gobber Chef (in progress too)
  5. Swamp Gobber River Raider (pirates too) x 6
  6. Raluk Moorclaw, The Ironmonger – why do I want a troll jack marshal?
  7. Feralgeist – would I ever need more than one?
  8. Sacral Vault – Here is the 2000 pound gorilla sitting on the shelf looking at my painting table. I have two of them. I have an idea for a mud shallow water base. I have two 120 mm Dragon Forge deep blank bases waiting for this one happen. I guess  this will get done soon.

They are all coming to SOO and I hope to put them all on the table at one time or another.

Till next time….

Just do it…

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Project: I never did get new HAT!!! – SOO update #1

A couple of years ago, I painted a bunch of Gators. The last time I even pulled any of them out was last June just before Mk3 dropped.

Previous updates #1, #2, #3….

I organize or work conventions more than I play. Simple fact from the last few years. So when Snakeman asked, “you want to go to SOO?”. The hard choice was what model to bring.

My initial plan was to bring Mercenaries. Then the Gator theme list dropped. Well, after a little research and a few messages, I had Maelok and Calaban lists. The next step was to a short list of the models I would need vs what I have painted. Yes, I made a painting list.

  1. Blind Walker
  2. Croak Raiders
  3. Mist Speaker
  4. Thrullg
  5. Wrastler
  6. Trog Harpooner

Not a huge list, two beasts, a unit and two solos. I have two unpainted units of Croaks, so add those in as a stretch goal. Thrullg are mostly purple, so a 2nd Thrullg. What’s another solo, another Mist Speakers. Well, Bog Trogs are easy, suuurrrree they are…  So, another stretch goal of THREE Trawlers (I call them Trog Harpooners)… So my two beasts, two solos and one unit – 14 models exploded into Two beasts, two units and seven solos. 29 models. Of course there are a couple of options that I am not adding to the list, just in case I reach all of the stretch goals….

I had ConCrud after AdeptiCon, so I didn’t even dig out models until 7 April. That weekend it was assembling, priming, pinning and thinking about paint schemes.

Croaks had a solid plan. Blue Poison Dark Frog. A rich dark blue with very dark blue spot on a lighter blue back. Not bad. The other unit was going to be the studio green/orange. Paul called me up one evening. Talking about painting. He said “take a look at bumblebee poison dart frog. Bingo!!! Second paint scheme. Black front and his back is black with yellow/orange patches and black spots.

One hint about building Croaks. The quiver will not glue well unless you glue glob the hell out it. It is a pain-in-the-ASS to pin 20 quivers, but you will never have them fall off if you do that work.

The Trogs will be the same ocher base color I have used before with color on the fins and a ton of details on the weapons cloths and such.

The Wrastler will be dark brown base with brownish green accents.

The Blind Walker!!! I don’t want him to look like a healthy normal Gator. A Blind Walker is created by a ritual. Subjects it to toxins derived from a species of tree frog. Does that sound like poison? Then buried alive for several days. If you bury a body in the ground for a week what does it look like when it come out. I fell back to a saying I have used before.

Anything worth doing is worth overdoing!!

I am basing the Blind Walker in Grey. Then lightening it until it is almost white. The ropes, Candle and medallions are part of the ritual. The ropes will be bright colors. The candles will be a muted lighter shade of those colors. The medallions are dark bronze. The fire will be yellow/green. Like the Feralgeist.

By Monday I as into base coating. Have not touched the Trogs yet. I did some gray on the Blind Walker to prove that much would work. I have not touched him since. That scheme is intimidating. Quite different from the other gators I have done. Well, shouldn’t he be?

Base coated the Croaks and quivers (not glued on yet). Dry Brushed on lighter colors. Ink wash to make the shine. Added Black to the bumblebees. The ropes, wow, so many ropes got a light tan and a dark wash.  The quivers started with a dark brown thin wash. That made the details pop. Dry brushed on a lighter tan. Did a green brown on the grenades. Last will be an olive green on the net holding the grenades. Then I should be able to glue them in place. After that, the feathers on the dart will get done. There are some medallions on the ropes, they will be the same colors as the blind walker.

I finished up the Thrullg brothers today. Purple, then are dark blue ink wash. Purple and white drybrush to bring out the highlights. Pretty straight forward. 

Wraster 2 ( I already had one painted) is dark, but not black. Brown base, brown green shading. Lighter shading a mix of brown green and tan.

The new water effect I am using has dried over night. Very smooth too.

I will some green and brown shading to this layer of water. I dried at about 25->30% of the desired thickness. So I will will thin the paint a lot will a mat-medium mix and give it a swampy look…

The bases are from Dragon Forge. They are ‘hollow black” bases and the are not in the catalog. Not sure why. If you want them just ping Jeff. The bases are soaking in dish washing liquid. Something I always do to clean resin.

Tomorrow, we will see….

Just do it….

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The Guild Ball CaptainCon Cup Circuit

CaptainCon is proud to announce the launch of the Guild Ball CaptainCon Cup Circuit.  What exactly is that?  Well, only an awesome year-long Guild Ball Event.

At CaptainCon 2018 the Guild Ball CaptainCon Cup final on Sunday will be open to 16 players vying for the top title.  Eight of those players will qualify during the Saturday tournament at CaptainCon.  The other eight will earn their place throughout the year in the Circuit. Anyone can participate in a Circuit tournament where he/she will earn points based on size of the event and placement in the event.  The 8 people with the highest points total on January 1, 2018 will be automatically qualified for the Sunday CaptainCon Cup tournament at the convention.

Any game store, club, or convention can be part of the Circuit and host up to two games during the year. All you need to do is email us at CaptainConCup@gmail.com at least 3 weeks before the date of your event with the information requested on the second page. We will confirm you’re in the circuit and post all upcoming events on the CaptainCon website. You must also advertise you event as part of the CaptainCon Cup Circuit.

After your event, the Pundit or event organizer must email us his report within a week.  We will take care of posting the results and tracking the leaderboard on the CaptainCon.com website and Facebook.

Players will earn points in the Circuit based on how they place in participating tournaments and the number of people who played in the event as follows:

Number of Players Points Earned by Rank/Place
1st 2nd 3rd Completed
8-16 4 3 2 1
17-32 5 4 3 2
32-64 6 5 4 3
64-128 7 6 5 4
128+ 8 7 6 5


A tournament MUST have at least 8 players in the first round to qualify.  If you have eight or more players and players drop, your event still qualifies, but the players who drop get zero points.

In the event that two or more players are tied in Circuit points on January 1st the tie will be broken by looking at the numbers of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place finishes for each.

Game store and clubs can run two tournaments per year, but they must be at least 3 months apart. We would prefer 6 months between events, but let’s see how year one goes. Conventions can designate one tournament as a CCCC event.

You can run any type of tournament you want. We want you to have fun. Different areas enjoy different formats.

To Register a CaptainCon Cup Circuit Event:

Send an email to CaptainConCup@gmail.com with the following information:

  1. Name and email address of the Circuit Event point of contact that we can share with interested players
  2. Name of your event
  3. Location of the event – physical address and if there’s a web site for info give us that too.
  4. Date and time of the event
  5. Format of the event
  6. Maximum number of players or any other restrictions such as if the event is at a convention or open only to club members or similar
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Plarzoid’s Request #1

lonelymonkavStrange title isn’t it…

Plarzoid is a friend of mine (and a long time Lostie and a friend to all the animals and birds of the forest, even the ones he plans on making stew out of. He’s practical like that. – Gday). He recently mentioned that he saw all the cards from the WMW early releases, but never saw the models. I ordered Zaadesh and I think it is a pretty good idea to let people see the model and have an idea of how it fits together…
zaadesh-01You get seven parts (the two shoulders are identical). My first impression? Has anyone assembled any Nyss Hunters? We have a big Sword with one arm with a separate forearm,  the two parts fitting together to attach to the body. The left arm and sword attach at the elbow., the right forearm attaches at the bicep. Nyss memories. The Sword is long and sticks out a lot – You really need to pin all these together, or risk the weight and torsion on the join causing mishaps.

The body was a very clean casting. His feet are in a very wide stance, the base wedge fitting right in a standard base slot and his feet hang over the lip.


Zaadesh is well armored, no surprise to anyone who already has some Skorne. Nicely done. The Shoulder armor has some large flat surfaces that will glue well to the body to keep them attached.


The back banner attaches to the egg shaped hole in the middle of his back. It looks like a good attachment point, but it isn’t very deep – he’s a skinny one. The back skirt has a large contact area that fits perfectly on him butt, and should attach easily.


The back skirt is an easy fit with a large contact area. I really like that I can paint his legs and then attach the back skirt without it being too fiddly and risking damaging already-completed areas.


The sword looks really good, though it does seem wide. In this shot you can see the little spherical contact point that would hold this  to the elbow. Pin it for your own peace of mind.


zaadesh-12The other side of the sword is similarly clean casting, with very little clean up needed. There is a little V shaped notch where the right forearm attaches.

The forearm has a spherical elbow connection (on the right) and a wedge shape at the wrist. It’s like putting together a jigsaw puzzle. Nothing remarkable, but pretty clean, with very little file work needed to clean it up. The cloth wrapping around his arm is very crisp and clean. Well done.

zaadesh-05zaadesh-13A nice big beautiful banner that connects to Zaadesh’s back with one some half sphere connection point. The contact point is a little delicate for such a big piece. Pin it or consider leaving it off.

The shoulder armor parts are hard to get a good picture that shows the contact point. The top one shows the flat plate that connects to the shoulder. These are good contact points, nice and easy. I will paint the rest of the model and then glue on the shoulders, since they’ll hide his head from the left on right side.

This photo also shows the right elbow contact point, a nice hemisphere contact point (pin it too, because why not at this point. ).

I don’t have a finished model photo, I am up  to my #$%@ in a pink pig project right now and Zaadesh will have to wait a while. In my honest opinion, he will be challenging to build and paint, and if you don’t pin some of the parts he risks breaking frequently. He is a challenge, but a beautiful model…

Till next time

Just do it..


Dallas Kemp at the PP Studio did a better paint job than I could have….








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What do I call this one?

This is a long story.

My first painted Pig was a Targ for Dicewraith on a Christmas swap. He requested that it have a pink Mohawk. It was his breast cancer army.

In 2015  I painted a bunch of gator in an effort to motivate the (super busy) Fez to paint his pigs. I got a lot of Gators done, but the motivation didn’t work well.

In 2016 I got Dicewraith’s Pigs. He was going to sell them, so I dropped some cash. I got a solid pig starter army. I have told Dicewraith that it is still his army. When he wants it back, I ship it.

Fast forward a couple of months. The Fez contacted me. I am still looking for a new Hat 😉 ..
He wants to give his pigs away for a Breast Cancer Brawl. He has a metric butt ton of stuff. He proposes a 75 point list. I paint that and get whatever pigs are left over. Not a bad deal. There is a problem, most of his extras are stuff I have or don’t need. Shrug, what the heck, I agree.

So is the part of Chasing the Fez, I want a new hat, Dicewraith’s Pig, Pink Pig Project or a dozen other names? I don’t know.

Here is a link to the event.



Here is the list…

Helga the Conquerer – WB: +29
Targ – PC: 4
War Hog – PC: 15 (Battlegroup Points Used: 15)
Road Hog – PC: 16 (Battlegroup Points Used: 14)
Gun Boar – PC: 9
Battle Boar – PC: 7
Razor Boar – PC: 7
Razor Boar

Maximus – PC: 4

Farrow Brigands – Leader & 9 Grunts: 15
Farrow Brigand Warlord – PC: 4 (G’day did this one)
Farrow Slaughterhousers – Leader & 5 Grunts: 11
Farrow Slaughterhousers – Leader & 5 Grunts: 11 (Fez did these)

Green – partially painted
Blue – ready for basing
Purple – done

I plan a simple dirt/grass basing with pink facing marks. Use what I have ……

Here is the exciting part. I am planning on adding more to this project. I have extra models from the Fez. He thinks I am keep all of them. Why, I would rather give them to charity than try to sell them.

Other people have donated models too.

I am painting every day from now till December hoping to finish them all. I just got word of another donation today. Paint, Paint, Paint, Paint….

Question for my readers. Do you want me to post the additional models as they get completed or wait till the end of the project?

If anyone has a Pig Battle Engine……???? If you donate one, I will try to add that to this project too…

This is a fast post, just to get going. I will post pictures in another post very soon…

Till next time

Just do it…

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In 32 months…

A over two years ago we decided to take a chance.

As a reference and maybe some history, I wrote In Five Years.  It was about the events we (NE Privateers) ran and how they grew from 2009-2014.

It was also a lead in to us doing our own convention. In February of 2014, we sat down and discussed how long TempleCon would stay in February. For years there has been rumors newfyof changing the dates, moving to the Spring, Summer or Fall. Maybe moving to larger hotel or convention center.

The New England Team Tournament was like the cute puppy you brought home and it grew up to be a Newfoundland. We had to get a hotel ballroom. Set up in the morning, run a long event and pick up that night. Getting a hotel room Saturday was required to prevent driving while exhausted.

c360_2014-07-24-14-59-15-791We decided to start CaptainCon. A tabletop gaming convention. Over the next two months, we found a hotel. Planned and got a kickstarter rolling. By late April we had the funding. Rushed to find Vendors, Event Organizers and Volunteers.

The venue was a ballroom and one room across the hall for Vendors.

So, in mid July 2014 we ran CaptainCon. First you pack up a big truck full-o-stuff. Then you drive. Meeting with the Hotel. Set everything up. Then you try to sleep.

Friday Morning it was SHOW TIME!!! We had about 265 attendance. It wasn’t perfect, but we had a lot of old friends attend and play games around the clock.


Sunday night, we took a deep breath. Sat around and made a list of what works and what didn’t. Time to start planning CaptainCon 2015. A years to do a convention seemed like a luxury.

Back to CaptainCon planning. We decided to do the whole floor at the hotel. That is the ballroom and 5 other rooms. We added demo tables in main hallway. An RPG room was supported by a Pathfinder group. Another room for the boardgame Library (which wasn’t big enough). Worked on the food option too.

c360_2015-07-16-19-52-31-429We designed and build a rack system out of PVC to minimize the number of tables we rented. Spend some money now to save money every year. Our biggest problems the first year was unstable tables.

The Wednesday before our convention, I made a phone call to the Crown Plaza in Warwich RI. My plan was to find out the availability for a summer weekend for CaptainCon. The secretary as polite. “The Sales person isn’t in the office today, I can have her call you back later this week. You know the TempleCon is moving to August of 2016.” I almost dropped my phone. I told her “thank you”, but I was thinking you shouldn’t have told me that.

c360_2015-07-11-14-45-19-828We do a program that gives you the map and schedule of events. It also has the Captain’s Log information. Places in the programs to get stamps to track you tournaments, casual games, demos, shopping at all the vendor and much more. Everything we planned and changed, work very well. Captain’s Log was popular. Vendor did well. The hotel was sold out, but not of that was ours. The food options worked well too.

We added a painting contest. They didn’t expect over 75 entries. Captain’s Log does it again. Draconic Awards did a great job, wish they could keep attending.

Happy hotel, happy player, happy vendor is a good measure of success. The numbers looked good too. About 385 player. Good growth.

cc-2015-wm-hd-3There was quite a bit of discussion about what to do about possible date date changes. We didn’t spread any rumors, but internal discussions happened. There was a general, “I won’t believe it until it is announced!!!”.

cc-2015-board-gameSunday, we pick everything up, load the truck and with any luck, find a place for a relaxing dinner. Once again, more behind closed doors discussion after dinner. Not easy finding dinner after 9 PM on Sunday.

11728813_10155782648860705_7223367710111636709_oThe Monday after CaptainCon we drove to Paul’s and unpacked the truck. I stayed after everyone else left. We made a call to the Crown Plaza so we could check on January, February & March of 2016 dates. We found out that  Super Bowl weekend weekend was available in 2016.  Skype calls happened. We had done a convention is 6 months, so we knew the amount of work it would take. In less than 48 hours, I was in Warwich to get the ball rolling with the hotel.

Six months to plan a convention, Arrrggghhh….

captaincon-2016-board-gameWe had done this before, so we pulled out the plan we had for March -> July of 2014 and changed it to August 2015 -> February 2016.

captaincon-d6gWe did a ton of meeting and phone calls in November and December. Tracking down vendors, Event Orgainzers and getting the word out about the date change.

Draconic Awards was double booked. So. we ran our own painting contest.

D6 Generation was able to attend. They ran a game and hung out all weekend

captaincon-2016-gdayFriday we had some snow, but in the afternoon it started. A steady stream of people walking up to one of us and saying Thanks you. A lot of New England gamers plan their winter around a February Convention. “Four of us came down from Vermont, we will bring over a dozen people next year”!!  I had over a half dozen  of those on Friday and I lost count of the total.

Lost Hemisphere can’t do a summer convention. I approached Chris and he agreed to do his Charity Raffle at CaptainCon. Take a look at G’Day report. I still can’t believe we had that much stuff.

captaincon-2016-guild-ballWm/Hd, X-Wing, Armada, Imperial Assault, Guild Ball, Infiniti, Malifeux, Flames of War and many more game had tournaments. Casual games tables for whatever you wanted. Board Game Library was humming. Models got painted at the hobby area.

Once again, happy players, vendor and hotel.  The numbers went up to about 465.

Now it is on to CaptainCon 2017. A year to do it again…

Wrangling Volunteers

captaincon-2016-vendorKeeping Vendor happy…

Ordering T-Shirts, dice, coins, etc ….

Tracking down Event Organizers so we can finish the schedule…

Getting the paperwork for tournaments…

Writing and printing a 2017 handout booklet…captaincon-da-guys

New hardware for Captain’s Log & New Chess Clocks…

Getting demos scheduled so you have new games to try…

Staff meetings on Sunday, with Board Games and Thai food…

Remember, CaptainCon wouldn’t exist without Pad Thai

duckRunning a successful convention is like a duck on a pond.

Stay calm on the surface, but paddle like hell underneath.

Till next time…

Just do it…

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Then & Now: There is ONLY ONE!

I wrote the title before the new NQ came out, so now there are two…

Cephalyx caught my eye when they first came out back in Mk1 (working with Cryx). The Deneghra2 theme was attractive. Then the Cephalyx Mercenary Contract. Oh my…. The creepy look of the leadership and the mindless hordes of their enslaved army. I have been slowly picking up parts of this army when I could afford to or when I found a deal I couldn’t pass up. I am a bottom feeder! 😉

Operating Theater was the only theme when Mk3 released.

I must be honest, I don’t own any painted Cephalyx. I plan on painting them, but not yet. So I have to thank Nick Kay for his fabulous work on his Cephalyx. Here is a link if you want more info on his work.

No surprises on composition, all the Cephalyx Stuff. The Cryx tricks are gone, shrug….

There are three bonuses. This is a little bit like playing a Tier 4 list. All the bonuses and all the restriction. Take it or leave it. I want to see more.

For every 30 points of Drudge units, you get a free Overload unit. So in a 75 pt game you can get two free units worth 16 pts.

Monstrosities get Hyper-Aggressive. This can be good and bad.

Ambush with one Mind Slaver & Drudge unit, this is useful.

If your play Cephalyx you get free stuff and two bonus abilities. Maybe someday we will see another Merc Cephalyx or Cryx Cephalyx theme. I don’t think you will see a Menoth Cephalyx theme any time soon.

This theme gives you a choice of Casters. Two for now, maybe a new Cephalyx Caster someday.

Exulon Thexus – Spiderman. He has +2 points of STR so his one melee attack is a little better. His DEF/ARM and HP and nothing super. His melee weapon is 1″ range now. So don’t think he will be a melee assassin.

Aggressive Reaction, Sacrificial Pawn & Spell Driven are the same. New is Inflict Pain on his melee weapon. He thinks he is Skorny, Plus or Minus 1 Fury when he hits a Beast.

Cephalyx 01His spell list is the same, but there are some Tweaks. Deceleration is now +2 ARM buff, no DEF. Influence costs 2 Focus. Rampager is 4 Focus, it ignores free strikes and can only be cast once per activation. Hex Blast, Psycho Surgery and Telekinesis are what your used to….

Feat: Telekinetic Tide – Identical. Push enemy model in Control range 2″.

Was +6 WP, Now +29 WP

Telekinesis didn’t change. With 8 Focus and his feat he can manipulate his army and yours to set up some really nasty Charges. Psycho Surgery to heal his Battle Group. Hex Blast to clear spell from his brainless masses.

Cognifex Cyphon – Floating Coffin. His Stats are so close to identical, his melee weapon is 1″ range. The back of that card is identical. Essence Amplifier, Sacrificial Pawn, Steady & Silencer seem to have a copy & paste. Mk3 was designed for a long time.

His spell list has a new one. Affliction has been replaced with Breath Stealer. Blur is 2 Focus, +3 DEF vs Range/Magic attacks. Empathic Overload, Gallows, Onslaught and Perseverance have minor Mk3 wording changes.

Feat:  Adrenaline Rush – +3 SPD, STR & ARM – taking damage at the end of the turn. This is still a good reason to take a LARGE number of Monstrosities.

Was +6 WP, Now +29 WP

For the price of a drudge +5″ range is nice. I picture them dancing like a Muppet, then falling down like you cut the strings. His feat points at a big Feat turn your Monstrosities. Onslaught gives you a big circle of Pathfinder. Empathic Overload with +5″ is Nasty, run a drudge up and auto hit.

Monstrosities, in the new edition, got new rules. They don’t get free focus like jacks do. They get a focus every time they get attacked or continuous effects. Top that off, they don’t lose unused focus like jacks do. All of these guys are cheap, easy to hit and 36 HP each!!

Cephalyx 02Subduer – This big meat shield’s blade is now 1″. No other Stat changes. Catch and Quake are the same. Knock stuff down and pull the target in and beat on it. Was -7 Pt, Now -11 Pt. Damn he is cheap now. One of them is a nice trick.

Cephalyx 03Warden – Just like the cousin, melee weapons are 1″ and NOTHING else changed other than Mk3 wording. He wants to be a Titan Gladiator. Grant Slam and Follow Up are always nice. Shield Guard – is he a Titan Sentry? Was -6 Pt, Now -10 Pt. Again, cheap. Use him.

Cephalyx 04Wrecker – Stat line is the same, I might be a broken record. He lost Chain Attack Bloodbath. Beat Back and Thresher have Mk3 wording and he is still very Nasty…. Was -7 Pt, Now – 14 Pt. A big large threat range (best you have) beat stick. He costs more than his cousins, he should.

Cephalyx 07Cephalyx Agitator – The only solo. His Command when down to 5″, his melee is now 1″ and he has Stealth. Anatomical Precision and Sacrificial Pawn got Mk3 wording. Still magic Ability 7, Influence has Mk3 wording. Instigate is Monstrosities. So, it doesn’t work on Drudges any more 😦 …. Guess that is why t he Command area went down. Pychic Assault is GONE!!!! No Spray.  So he is a buff for the Big Boys now. Was -3 Pt FA3, Now -4Pt FA3. He will still see the table, but he isn’t what he used to be. He Buff’s Monstrosities, say that three times so you don’t forget!!!

Cephalyx Overlords – The Command when down to 7″, melee is now 1″ and they have Stealth. Sacrificial Pawn is Gone. Death Toll is Gone, no more adding Drudges. Anatomical Precision and Influence have Mk3 wording. Psychic Assault is still there, sigh of relief. Three good magic sprays that ignore LOS. New is Veteran Leader [Drudge] +1 Attack Rolls while in Command Range, I can dig it!!! Was -4 FA1, Now -8 FA3.

Cephalyx 05Cephalyx Mind Slaver and Drudges – Mind Slaver is 6 SPD, Command went down to 7″, his melee is now 1″, he added Stealth and CMA. He lost Anatomical Precision & Sacrificial Pawn. The Drudges are still tough, got CMA and lost 1 point of POW. Reanimation is replace with Prep for Surgery. This looks pretty sweet. Living enemy boxed by a attack from this unit, while in Melee with 2 models in this unit get RFP. Add one Grunt in Command range. Wow, you can get a bunch of shinny new Drudges now… Was -4/-6 Pt FA2, Now -8/-12 Pt FA3. Cheap, in your face unit that can replace some losses. The leader has stealth and no ranged attack. He is there to make new Drudges that is Grunts make. The CRA will help a lot. MAT 7 and P&S 14 for two model teams. Keep the Mind Slaver alive and safe.

Cephalyx 06Cephalyx Mind Bender and Drudges – Mind Bender’s 6 SPD, Command went down to 7″, his melee is now 1″, he added Stealth. Sacrificial Pawn is gone. Psychic Projection and the Magic Abilities look the same. You can cast it or channel with up to three Drudges and triple cast that magic abilities. 3 Sprays, AoEs or Buff a Drudge. Quite a trick.  Drudges POW of fist is down 1. Was -4/-6 Pt FA 2, Now -7/-11 FA3. I’m pretty sure you can cast Adrenal Rush on Drudges in a different unit too…

Cephalyx 08Cephalyx Dominator Mercenary Unit Attachment – His Command went up to 10″, his melee is now 1″, he added Stealth. Anatomical Precision got Mk3 wording. He still give Tough to his unit. Sacrificial Pawn is gone. Are you sick of me saying that? He gained a Magic Ability. Seduction moves a BtB enemy model, moves it and make a melee attack. Was -1 Pt FA1, Now -1 Pt FA2. Risking a whole mercenary unit for one Seduction doesn’t seem like a great idea. Things like adding Alexia to gather some corpses is so tempting. Adding Croe’s Cutthroats for some Backstab action with Spiderman is nuts. I’m sure can come up with more options in this list of options.

I considered writing a sentence or two about each Mercenary unit. Nope! Not going to happen! To Damn many!

Both Warcaster have their strengths. Movement tricks for Spiderman. Floating Coffin has 2 good defensive spells, a debuff, pathfinder bubble and a Monstrosity buff Feat. They both can work. Being able to add one or two Mercenary units with Tough has a ton of variety. The addition of Stealth to Cephalyx Solos and Unit leaders really will help their suitability.

Which ever caster you try, Cephalyx still have a small number of options. There have been some tweeks, nothing earth shattering. Will this theme get played a lot?

Only time will tell….

Till next time..

Just do it..

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Now and Then: Zaal’s Immortal Host

lonelymonkavThis one is my favorite Skorne theme. The Lord Assassin is fun, but Zaal is the best.

A theme that requires Hakaar the Destroyer, 3 Extollers and two units of Immortals. You get souls on Extroller, Advanced Deploy Ancestral Guardians and the only way to start the Game with a Kovaas on the table.

My Mk2 list:

Supreme Aptimus Zaal – WB: +5
–    Kovaas
–    Aptimus Marketh
–    Aradus Sentinel – PC: 8
–    Cyclops Raider – PC: 5
–    Basilisk Krea – PC: 4

Hakaar the Destroyer – PC: 4
Extoller Soulward – PC: 2
Extoller Soulward – PC: 2
Ancestral Guardian – PC: 3
Ancestral Guardian – PC: 3
Ancestral Guardian – PC: 3

Praetorian Karax – Leader & 5 Grunts: 4
Praetorian Karax – Leader & 5 Grunts: 4
Immortals – Leader & 5 Grunts: 5
Immortals – Leader & 5 Grunts: 5
Zaal must have been close to perfect in Mk2. The only change on the front of his card was WB Points going from +5 to +26. I was so surprised that I check it three times. Directed Spirit, Ghost Sight and Soul Converter got Mk3 wording without any notable change. Union [Damage transfer to Ancestral Guardians] is gone. Annihilating Gaze added undead to the list of eligible targets.  To bad for the followers of Turok.

Zaal & KovaasHis Spell list has one real change. Inviolable Resolve (+2 ARM & Fearless) is gone. Death Pact has the same stat line and gives you +2 ARM & Undead on a model/unit. A nice ARM buff vs losing the souls from something. Interesting, it reminds me of Hollow (gain Tough & Undead)…..

Rage of the Ancients is his Feat and it did NOT change. Your army dies, he collects Rage tokens. Pop that feat and boost melee attack & damage on models in his control area. Talk about a big feat turn! That is the idea….

Kovaas is still his angry buddy. I’m in shock he lost his CMD!!! Why did he need it anyway. Desiccator (*Action) now works on Undead too. Destruction Spawned is identical. Wasting Touch is (you guessed it) the same! To be honest, I expected something to change, not sure what. Nope, I was wrong. Kovaas is perfect!!! Kovass now has to be spawned by the destruction of an Ancestral Guardian. Zaal can’t transfer damage to them anymore. That used to be a trick to Spawn Kovaas when a clever player tried to keep him off the table.

MarkethAptimus Marketh (Extoller who forgot how to shoot) – His cost is exactly what you would expect for Mk3, -6 Pt. Attached, Ghost Shield and Soul Tap are still there. Spell Slave got a Mk3 change, Cast a 3 focus spell, no upkeep, none with RNG Self or Ctrl. So he can cast Hex Blast or Sunder Spirit. In the theme he started with souls. Now he has to collect them which hurts his ARM bonus and it is harder for him to pay souls for upkeeps. Shrug, things will die and he will gather souls.

Cyclops Raider – His CMD went down and his Animus Changed a little. Far Strike is a SELF spell and costs 1. Pretty much common knowledge by now. He was big part of this list in Mk2. Zaal would hand that Animus out to whoever needed it. Krea, Acid Bug, Extoller or himself. He is also very helpful at blasting a stealth model every now and then.

Acid Bug 002Aradus Sentinel (Acid Bug) – His CMD when down and is Venom Blaster gain +1″ of Range. Gone is Swarm (conealment and attack roll debuff), now he has Acidic Touch for his Animus. I can’t see Zaal using continuous corrosion on his weapon very much. An old Skorne in melee leads to new Construct Warlock. Didn’t that happen?

The Krea took a big hit, but she is still useful. Her ranged attack only works on living, and her Animus – Force Aura – is Self within 3″ of the model, granting Force Barrier – +2 DEF vs Range and immunity to blast damage. Zaal is not big on surviving assassination runs. The Krea’s Animus is sometime the difference you need.

HakaarHakaar the Destroyer – Another near perfect model. His has a soul now (Soul Vessel). The loss of Life Drinker isn’t a huge loss. He still has Ghost Shield, Righteous Vengeance, Gate Keeper and Combo Strike. Top that off with a small decrease in his cost at -7 Pt. I have seen player rearrange their army because of him.

Ancestral Guardians (Hakaar Wannabees) – He has a soul. That’s it. Honestly. Hakaar and AGs seem to be exactly what Skorne is supposed to be about. A 10 foot tall Statue with high ARM, 10 HP and huge weapon that it is an expert at using. On top of that, it got cheaper too. How many can I have?

ExtollerExtoller Soulward (Zaal Wannabees) – Another model that need a big red sign that says I want Souls. She collects up to 3 souls (used to be 5 souls) and for a * Action can transfer soul tokens to and AG/Hakaar. Ghost Shield still attempts to keep her alive. Her spirit eye works just like Zaal’s.  Her Mk3 price is a little lower. It was a nice thing to have multiple Spirit eyes with Snipe, boosted attack and damage. If the target is a STR of 10, they are Boosted POW 16!

Immortals (More AG Wannabees) – They lost a point to DEF, gained a soul. Vengeance is a big one on this unit. The big one is the loss of Resonance [Ancestral Guardian]. Resonance gave them +2″ of movement if they started in CMD range of an AG. They are big, they hit hard and they are SLOW.Fear not gentle readers, Mk3 taketh away and Mk3 giveth back! Another price decrease, just a little.

Praetoian Karax (nickname Souls) – These or Praetorian Swordsmen are what was in the first line. First to die. Feed the Souls to the AG and Extollers to make the whole thing work. They lost Ranked Attack, so what. SPD and ARM +1  more than make up for that. They still have CMA, Girded, Set Defense and Shield Wall. Did all the Skorne unit get better and have the price go down?_______________________________________________

Mk3 version

Supreme Aptimus Zaal – WB: +26
– Kovaas
– Aptimus Marketh – PC: 6
– Titan Cannoneer – PC: 0
– Cyclops Raider – PC: 0

Hakaar the Destroyer – PC: 7
Ancestral Guardian – PC: 5
Ancestral Guardian – PC: 5
Ancestral Guardian – PC: 5
Extoller Soulward – PC: 3
Extoller Soulward – PC: 3

Immortals – Leader & 5 Grunts: 9
– Extoller Advocate – PC: 4
Immortals – Leader & 5 Grunts: 9
– Extoller Advocate – PC: 4
Praetorian Karax – Leader & 5 Grunts: 7
Praetorian Swordsmen – Leader & 5 Grunts: 8


Zaal theme 002Two changes, a smaller Battle Group and two Unit Attachments for the Immortals.

The Extoller Advocate is a big deal for Immortals. I never tried him in Mk2. I don’t have him/them painted yet. He is a cheap Unit Attachment for Immortals. He has a magic Staff and a Spirit Eye like Zaal. He gets the souls from his unit (unless Zaal passes them around). He will be staying with his unit, Sacrificial Pawn keeps him alive. He can have up to 5 souls. Spending them is different. He can’t boost attack and damage. He can give his unit +2 DEF and Concealment, give them +2″ movement or make them incorporeal. I need to buy a 2nd one and paint them soon.

CannonI took the Cannoneer and Raider for ranged attacks and Animus.

There is another option. Don’t take any Praetorians and go with two full units of Immortals. Let Zaal hand out the Souls as needed. I will play both of them as soon as I have the models painted.

Overall, this will be harder to play. The Extollers don’t start with 3 souls, AGs don’t Advance Deploy and No Kovaas. Zaal can still spend one focus to give all the AGs in his Control Range a soul token. So turn 1 all of them can Run with a +2″. Who you push forward to get destroyed and where the souls go is a big part of playing this list. I never said it would be easy.

It is nice to see that this list concept is still in Mk3 and it looks like it will still roll along.

Until next time.

Just do it…

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Then & Now – Karchev’s Iron Curtain

The man, the machine, the Legend!

I have only played one caster for Khador, Karchev. I wanted to make him work. The image of Karchev with a bunch of Jacks, Man-o-War and some support just pulls me in… I played it in Mk2 without much success. I hope the first Theme list book (December 2016) will be a Man-o-War theme book.

For his theme you get and increase on the Field Allowance of Koldurn Lords, Man-o-Wars Units get advanced move, 3″ AoE clouds placed before deployment and -1 Pt per jack in his Battlegroup. Being up field is good for a slow unit like Man-o-Wars. FA for Kordurn never did anything, smoke on turn one never did anything. Cheaper Jacks helped a little. Two unit of Shocktroopers eats up a lot of the list.

Karchev Mk3 013Karchev survived the design space pretty well. I had to look really hard to see a change on the picture card. Focus us 6, well Arcane Turbine used to do that. His damage grid doesn’t have an “B” (body) on the grid. Turning the card over. Arcane Turbine, now you spend a focus to get +2 Movement. Man in the Machine has been cleaned up. He is a living model, not a Warjack and not a Warrior. Power Attacks happen without spending Focus. Things that effect the damage from or the damage applied to a Warjack effect him too. He can’t heal himself. Repairable like a construct isn’t a surprise. Unyeilding is a nice addition. His axe still does knockdown too. Better wording, a little simpler and maybe a little better too.

Karchev’s Spell list is a big change. Three new spells.

  • Eruption: POW 14 Fire AoE cloud hasn’t change.
  • Ground Zero: 5″ AoE with a D6 push. Ok, I know that one.
  • Battle-Charged: Battlegroup gets countercharge. Nice upkeep.
  • Jumpstart: Cheap way to clear knockdown, stationary and change facing.
  • Road to War: Battlegroup spell that trigger a Jack to move 3″, nice upkeep spell.

Karchev lost Tow, I never like the turn you back to get your jacks into charge position. Unearthly Rage was to much free fury, no surprise if you think about it, but…. Sidearms was knockdown prevention and DEF bonus when in BtB with a Battlegroup Jack. Not sure why that one is gone.

His Feat has changed, well kind of….
Old Feat – Total War – Battlegroup can charge for free, pathfinder and change facing. Hmmmm…. Jumpstart changes your facing.  New Feat – Unearthly Rage (sounds familiar) – It was to much for a Spell, but as a Feat it is still really good. The whole battlegroup gets boosted melee attack and damage rolls while in his Control Range. Big Thumbs up!

Karchev Mk3 010Karchev still has that Big Axe, one open hand and that 10″ spray. On a big turn Road to War can move all of your Jacks 3″, Countercharge can easily disrupt someone assassination run. Jumpstart adds flexibility and Kreoss & Barnabas hates it. A big fire AoE Cloud and a way to move stuff that gets to close. So many tools, He is still a Large based caster with a low DEF. I hope you bring some Mechaniks too.

Karchev wants jacks, I’m only going to talk about a few. There are to many to do them all. His Jack point went from +5 -> +30…. Ding ding ding..

Behemoth – He was part of Karchev’s Gunboat list. Tow was used  to drag Jacks around so they always got to aim. You might be able to get a few inches of free movement now with Road to War. He lost some ARM and gained some MAT. I was surprised that his twin guns got AoE 4″. Sub-Cortex gives the guns Powerful attack. His points went down a whisker too. He is putting a lot of eggs in one Big Basket. The Big Boy got a little cheaper

Berserker – Old, cheap and dangerous is my idea of fun. His changes are on the back of his card. Aggressive and Chain Attack are gone. Free focus is bad. He still has twin POW 16 axes, Berserk and Unstable. If you “spend more than one focus point” you have to roll. Heck, you get a free one every turn anyway. His points  went from 6 -> 8. Thirty one HP for 8 points. For 2 extra points you can take four of these in his Battlegroup. Not recommending this as the best option, but it would be funny…

Karchev Mk3 012Mad Dog – Old chassis, new Jack.  Take a Berserker, change the Weapons and give it Jury Rigged. Smasher give him trample bonuses and unstable. 30% cheaper than Mk2.

Rager – Berserker with a sword and a BIG Man-o-War shield/cannon. Now he has Shield Guard (like Mk2),  Unstable and he swapped Aggressive for Point Blank. Just a little cheaper than Mk2. Shield Guard never hurts.

Karchev Mk3 015Battle Mechaniks – Lost some DEF, Jack Marshall, Iron Sentinel & Assist Repair. Sounds bad?  Base to Base they Heal D3 damage on a construct. That’s it “PERIOD”… Price is a little cheaper, don’t leave home without them. Field Allowance is three. I might need some more.

Battle Mechanik Officer – He is 3 Points for Girded and he repair for D3+3. So he keeps his unit a little safer and is better at repairing. He can be repaired too. I will always take one.

Karchev Mk3 003Greylord Ternion – Three single wound models with Magic and a 1″ Axe. The command went down. The Magic Abilities are the same. Apply Blizzard clouds to guard your approach. Get close and spray or use Ice Cage. Price went down a whisker.

Greylord Outriders – Junior Ternions – There isn’t any substantial change except cost.  Light Cav with concealment all the time. 8″ spray can happen. Winter’s Wind can make enemy models, without immunity to cold, stationary for a a round. Hmmm, put that on 5 models….

Karchev Mk3 014Man-O-War Shocktroopers – The original. To expensive and to slow was the book on them. Shield Wall, CMA a reach weapon and a shield cannon. Adding the Battle Mechanik Officer in Mk2 made them repairable. Nope, not enough.  Mk3 they are cheaper, kept 8 HP per model, easier to repair (no die roll) and promises of things to come.

Man-O-War Demolition Corps – Same changes as Shocktroopers, Their weapon got a boost, but lost Backswing and Ice Breaker. It gained Critical Freeze.

Man-O-War Bombardiers – Again, same changes as above in general. Only significant change was the price drop and Field Allowance of 3.

Man-O-War infantry have been promised a theme list. I hope…..

Karchev Mk3 002

Koldun Lord – Lost Jack Marshal and Iron Wall. I never understood why he was a Jack Marshall anyway. He is a battle Wizard and makes Greylords into them too. That alone is worth his points. His 1″ axe has Critical Dispell. Nice addition. Power Booster is gone. He doesn’t do jacks now. Wind Ravager in his command range, enemy models cannot make ranged attacks. I really like these changes and his points are the same.

Man-O-War Drakkun – Such a beautiful model. He lost some DEF & +1 ARM. Still has Countercharge, Dragoon, Steady, Critical Knockdown on the mount. The price went up a whisker. He is repairable and Preposition 3″ now . Between the two models, it is 18 HPs of Weapon Master. Still worth his points.

Karchev Mk3 004Man-O-War Kovnick – In Mk2 he was a Jack Marshall who never saw the table. He increase the Field Allowance for Shock Troopers and Demo Corps, but they never got used. In Mk3 he lost Weapon Master on his Axe, some DEF and ARM. Not looking good is it. He is repairable. He has Desperate Pace – * Action – Man-O-War unit gets +2″ movement this turn. Jack Marshal got better. His drive gives his Jack Assault. His points went down a little. Overall, the movement bonus to a MoW unit is very useful. If your running a MoW unit, he deserves a chance.


Karchev the Terrible – WJ: +30
– Berserker – PC: 0
– Berserker – PC: 0
– Mad Dog – PC: 0
– Rager – PC: 3

Man-O-War Kovnik – PC: 5
– Rager – PC: 11
Koldun Lord – PC: 4

Greylord Ternion – Leader & 2 Grunts: 7
Man-O-War Shocktroopers – Leader & 2 Grunts: 10
– Man-O-War Shocktrooper Officer – PC: 4
Man-O-War Shocktroopers – Leader & 2 Grunts: 10
– Man-O-War Shocktrooper Officer – PC: 4
Battle Mechaniks – Leader & 5 Grunts: 5
– Battle Mechanik Officer – PC: 3
Battle Mechaniks – Leader & 5 Grunts: 5
– Battle Mechanik Officer – PC: 3


First, this list in Mk2 was 60 points with 5 Jack points. So 10 points over. The same thing in Mk3 is 75 with 30 Jack points. It adds two MoW Shock Trooper UAs too.

I can hear you now. Why the cheap Jacks that no one think is any good. Look at whole list.

Karchev Mk3 001

Karchev with four Jacks makes Battle Charged very nasty. Who want to move closer to four Countercharging Jacks and Karchev. Four chances to activate Road to War (sadly Karchev can’t use that). Movement tricks on your turn and my turn.

The MoW Shocktrooper Officer is new. His unit gets Assault, can’t be knocked down or pushed. His axe has Critical freeze too. Icing on the cake. A nice addition. I can’t get the model soon enough. Why take a unit without him!

I have 14 models that can repair and a metric butt ton of stuff that can use it. If you don’t kill it, I will fix it.

I have 15 models that can be repaired.  They have a total of 265 HP.

  • BigK is ARM 19+.
  • Jacks are ARM 18 or 20.
  • MoW Kovnik is ARM 18.
  • Shock Troopers are ARM 17 or 21 with Shield Wall.

Two Jacks and all the MoW Shock Troopers have Assault. Nothing super on the RAT, but a shot is a shot.

Grey Lords and Koldun Lord are good utility. If you can get in a good charge, Battle Wizard will add some sprays to the carnage.

Nothing in this list is the best. Jack, Unit, Solo or Warcaster and all stuff that wasn’t top shelf in Mk2. I wonder if this list is better than the sum of it’s parts?

Till next time…

Just do it…

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