Home Depot Nightmare: Update #3

Day 9 without a stove because of Advanced Appliance Repairs Tech Failure…

I emailed Advanced Appliance Repair yesterdays Blog post…

Guess what they said…

Signature says “Covid 19”, good luck to you and your stove.

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Take a good look at that signature. It doesn’t say Covid 19, it says Covid Caton. More Bullshit for a useless Warranty Repair Contractor who doesn’t take responsibility for his/her Technicians FAILURE or FORGERY!!!  The gutless wonder can’t even sign his/her name on the email..

Does the “good luck to you and your stove” reek of sarcasm?

Went to the Home Depot we purchased the stove at. Showed the store manager the photo on the damage. She said they are working on getting a new stove. The company seems to be trying to figure out if the store, warranty or contractor will pay for it…

Also showed her the Forged Signature. That seemed to shock her. She pointed out that we had called in stove problems in 2019 too. The same useless Warranty Contractor failed to find the problem then too.

She promised some resolution by Tuesday..  That would be over 10 days without a stove. Failure!!!!

Don’t shop at Home Depot and I please, if you do, DON’T waste you money on an Extended Warranty ……

Till next time, just do it…

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