Home Depot Nightmare: Update #2

Day 8 without a stove…

Advanced Appliance Repair. They sent a tech to “repair” the stove Tuesday 30 June.
It’s bad enough that the Tech caused the damage to our stove, but he also forged a signature on his report.

He caused the damage by not turning the power off before moving the stove to inspect it, he knew there was and electrical problem…

After he also filled out the paper work report and signed my name to it.. I never saw it. I never signed this. Not my signature..

Great Contractor that works for Home Depot’s Warranty.  A tech who doesn’t do his job and fakes that paperwork.

“Found burnt L1 wire” – It would have been nice if he had written “I caused the damage by moving the stove. I didn’t turn the power off.”

By signing my name the Tech says that “acknowledge and agree that the repair and property are left in satisfactory condition.”

I’m sure you can see why the Tech forged my signature. He was covering his ass for the damage he cause. The lying sack of shit…..

Great Contractor Home Depot

Till next time

Just do it…

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