The Wheel Demands it!!!!

There are times when I hit a Log Jam.  When I have to many projects on my desk or in my head. Cleaning desk usually happens, but that doesn’t always help..

G’Day from Lost Hemisphere has used a spinning wheel app to pick factions for quite a while…

I use Random Picker (free app) to make a wheel and spin it for a choice.

Honestly, sometimes I don’t like the wheel choice and spin again. If I get the same results, I have kept that choice. It is all about making a choice and working on that choice.

Painting and Basing are the usual options.

Just click on the + to make a new wheel. + again will add a new option to the wheel. Type in a description, pick a color. Repeat until you run out of ideas.

Then click on the disk in the upper right to save the wheel.

Select the wheel and it will look like this..

Some of the options are obvious, others are not.

UnderCity/WW is painting the board game models.

Cryx Project is Project Sisters: Et ex Patriarchus

Lleal is the theme I worked on last summer, there are a few models that need  details

Piggy Bases, Pig theme list, a lot of paint, but the bases are not consistent

Gators – Theme has a few unfinished models

Skorne – Xerxis 2 – Rhino for the win

Convergence – a couple of units and Solos need work

New Pirates

Monpoc stuff

Capt D/Rocinante
So Llealese Resistance Wins.

I like that, it finishes something. Well, until I get some Avatars…

I am not sure it is enough work for one day. I don’t remember what models still need work, that was 11 months ago…. ”

So, I spun it a 2nd time.

Project Sisters: Et ex Patriarchus

So I have some detailed painting then some assembling or base work tomorrow.

The Wheel Demands Progress…

Till next time…

Just do it…

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