A Clear Water Rant!!!

For all of my Gators (Amphibious models) have done deep bases with water effects..

Dragon Forge make the resin bases. I wash them to remove any mold release. Then prime them. Paint the inside are swampy color (Thornwood Green).

When the model is partially painted (usually the legs and feet) I glue it into the base.

Then I will put 3-4 layers of water effects into the base. It usually takes 8-12 hours for that to dry. Between layers will will add some very thing Glaze of Wyrm Green for contrast and depth. The surface ends up with ripples in it. It looks like the model is moving in the water…

It is a long process, but I really like the results.
I have done a whole Gator army this way. Never had a problem with the water effect.

I recently painted Barnabus 2. Gator Caster with his 3 little bone piles.

I used the same water effects I have used dozens of times.
After the third layer, it was obvious that something was wrong. It looks like I mixed Milk with the water effects..

I took the product and puts some in a clam-shell and let it dry over night.
Kind of what I expected.

My guess is that the product get cloudy with age..

Now I am wondering if I should look for a new water effect to use….

The only way I can think of to fix this problem is to DIG out the cloudy stuff….

So I pullout out a dental pick (only drew blood twice) and a hobby knife and started doing mass destruction.

Not easy…

Not Pretty…

Not fun…

Pulling the water effects off pulled all the paint too…

The product is Vallejo Still Water

I message Vallejo over a week ago. Crickets….

No reply…

No surprise…

So I have to repaint some bones. Then find a replacement water effect product…

Any suggestions?????

Till next time…

Just Do It….

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