Painting stuff, well kind of….

When you look at a model and plan the colors, how do you do it.

Some times I don’t have a plan, then I have to just pick something and try it..

If I have one color I sometimes use color wheel tools to get ideas. paintRack (yes that is the spelling) by courageousoctopus has the tools I want in my phone. Android only!

I can pick on color that I have, paintRack has my collection and gives me Complimentary, Triads and other colors that work with my choice.

When I have one color I also plan on how to shade it…

For years, I have use P3 for almost all of my painting. There has been a one page chart of Shading (dark), Base color, Highlight, 2nd Hightlight for every P3 color. Well Grimkin came out and after 10 years P3 got some new colors, ink and washes. Then Crucible Guard and Monpoc got us some new paints and ink. My poor old chart had some holes in it. Within the last few weeks PP gave us a NEW P3 Shading chart.

Here is an example of how I picked the colors. I am working on Gatorman Boil Master & Spirit Cauldron.

Look at the Cauldron.

It has some burning coals on the ground. Flames under the Cauldron, The Cauldorn has skulls and bone handles (they done have to be bone). Liquid in the Cauldron. A hand, a skull and some ribs in the liquid. then Flames above the Cauldron.

I have painted orange/yellow flames and they look nice, but for Gator flames I use green/yellow for mystical magical flames. Well, I debated about doing Orange on the bottom flames and green on the top, but I decided to do all green.

One part I have not decided. The faces in the flames. The studio made them Dark. Great contrast.  Flames, the hottest part is the lightest color, but the faces kind of disappear that way. Should I use a dark green to emphasize them or leave them a light yellow….  Help…

The coals will be a Black/Coal Black base. I want a green yellow to match the rest of the fire.  I will thin out some white and make a thin wash in the cracks. Then I can glaze some  green in the cracks. The white first makes that color pop. Then dry brush a little bit of yellow green mix over the tops of the coals show the magic heat.

The Cauldrons are how will make the two different. One will be a dark Iron. The other a really dark bronze/brass color. Just look at the bottom of the chart for Boiler Black and Deathless Metal. I washed the Shade and dry brushed in some highlights.

The skulls and bone handles are part of an internal debate, bone or metal..

The studio used a green for the Cauldron Liquid. I wanted more of a bucket of blood look. I based it in Sanguine base. I decided to highlight it with a brighter red than the chart’s recommendation. You don’t have to lock in on the chart, experiment, be creative. I tried a touch of Skorne Red, nope… Khador Red Highlight was what I wanted.

The Skull, Hand and Ribs. I based them with MWH (menoth white highlight). Then washed it with Sanguine Base to make the look like they are mixed into the bucket of blood.

The Cauldron isn’t done. Hell, I still have not decided on the skulls and handles, so no pictures yet.

When you get a model, look at it. Coat, Pants, Belt, Belt Buckle, Button, Cuffs, Gun (barrel, trigger guard & other metal, wood) and other things. What is the big color, how will you shade it.  What other colors work well with that color. What will give contrasts to the model.

That’s all for now….

Until next time,

Just do it…

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