Project: I never did get a new HAT!!! #5 – BFC

World Series games that end after 3:30 AM takes the wind out the sails…. Between Thursday and Sunday afternoon, I cleaned up mold marks, pinned and glued a whole bunch of models. I won’t post that list again because it is in the last post.

Not much to show you about doing that on most models. Well, BFC (Dracodile) isn’t most models. It is eight pieces and the resin cleanup is a bit of a modelling challenge. The port that allow the resin to fill the model are very well done. The casting is way above average in quality. The PP resin is very easy to work. It isn’t brittle. I remember some stuff from other companies that would explode into tiny little pieces if dropped on hard floor. Not this stuff, it is top of the line material.

In the photos, an is a post that has to be cut out and shaped. A 4 pointed Star is a mold line that has to filed smooth.

The head is in two pieces. The port are located where the two head pieces connect together. A good pair of flush cutters do 90% of the work. An Xacto knife did the rest.

Any time your trimming a surface that mates up to another piece better to make several small cuts. You don’t want to trim off to much and have to do some putty work to fill in that gap.

Fear not, I didn’t damage anything. That gap doesn’t show when the head is glued together. Well, I see a line. Where is my Squadron Green putty..

The Tail has a Gate on the bottom of the connection to the body. It also Gate on the top of the tail, right at th e end. The one on the Tail is a HUGE pain-in-the-ass…

Trimming the body connection was pretty much routine. I had to trim a little of the bottom scale to get it to really fit together well.

The top one is a lot of work. Take a good look at the big diamond shaped end of the tail. There is a lot of detail at the back and all along it.. There is also a mold mark on the right side of the diamond.

The gate wasn’t hard to trim. Just making that area flat. The scale have small details that put small line that run from the trailing edge back towards the body. I took an Xacto knife and made some small lines in the tail. Those didn’t show up enough. I then took a triangle shaped file. I used the edge to make
the small cuts deeper and wider. Still not enough. Ok, get out the micro saw and make those lines deeper more pronounced.

The mold line need knife work to smooth it out. Of course that cut off those detail lines on the edge of the scale. So I have to use the Knife, file and micro saw to do those too..

I might be crazy, but come on. As beautiful as this model is it shouldn’t have a big flat spot on the top of it’s tail.

Ok, you’ve seen the before and after. Was it worth a little bit of time? Come on…..

The body was pretty straight forward. The head connection was one big cut from the cutters. The a little bit of file work. Easy Peasy…

One of the leg connections had a gate and the leg had one also. That is a little tricky. I had to cut two pieces and make them fit together. Cutter, Knife & file for both. Both the arms and legs have very small gaps, less than 1 mm. I will do just a little bit of putty to smooth those out. Damn, I think I need a new tube of Squadron Green, my old one (of 5 years old) is pretty dead.

On the body scales check them from several angles. there will be some very small mold marks on them or between them. It only takes a minute to clean that up.

You can also see that the arm connection on the body is as clean as a whistle. The left arm and body are clean too.

The Right and Left leg have the same gates. One on the heal of the his foot and one on the body connection. The small mold line is easy to clean up. Check the toe nails too. Small mold lines and such, nothing bad. A quick knife blade or file and they are gone.

The two arms didn’t give me any problems. Trimming one part to fit a nice smooth connection so easy.

Both arms had a small gate on the arm connection and another on on the wrist. That on was small and it was on a scale. So it was using a file to smooth out that scale.

A little thing called the World Series kept me from assembling it tonight (still looking for my Squadron Green too).

So you will have to wait to see that. I am still debating the colors to use. I keep looking at photos of real crocodiles…..

One thing is certain, the claws will be dark, the teeth will be very big and very white.
Image result for crocodile

Till next time

Just do it.


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  1. The World Series screwed up my month a bit, but hey, Red Sox won!

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