Project: I never did get a new HAT!!! #4 – Reset….

In 2017 I came close to finishing the Gator theme. Sacral Vaults and Troll solo was all that was missing.

Pendrake’s students and the Elf & Snake got added and all the sweet stuff hinted about at L&L.

Last Spring I tried to do the first Sacral Vault. I didn’t send out photos, I really wasn’t sure happy with them. I put them away and took a break.

I have been slowly picking up the newest gator releases. The only think left to pick up is a pack of Void Leach’s. Most of them are new, but the 2nd hand ones needed to be cleaned up. There are some glue globs covering some details.

Yesterday, I spent a couple of hours cleaning up mold marks and pinning some stuff.

Longchops had a terrible mold line under his tail. About 3/32 of an inch deep. He also has two arms and a weapon to attach. Flash backs to Nyss Hunters…

Barnabas II got some pins on his arm. Troll solo got pins. Soul Slave got his head torches pinned.

A question for you. Kwaak Slickspine & Grub. I have painted 3 different colors of Croaks. Blue, Bumblebee and  Green with orange feet. All based on poison dart frogs. Should he/them be painted both the same color (easy) or both different colors?

Croak Trappers are very clean, just small flash to clean up.

Have not assembled Husks, yet. Void Leeches glued together.

Boil Master & Cauldron, the Pot was easy. Very clean casting and 4 small metal handles to glue. Boil Master had his ax broken off, mold marks are not bad. Pinned both axes..

The Elf & Snake, I have had them for years, at least 7, now I have a reason to paint them. Got them back when I played with the idea of doing Retribution.

______________________________________________________________Barnabas, Lord of Blood & Bone Shakers x 3

Gatorman Soul Slave – PC: 5

Dracodile (BFG)

Sacral Vault x 2

Bone Shrine x 2

Dahlia Hallyr & Skarath (Elf & Snake)

Gatorman Husk x 3 (one already painted by G’Day)

Kwaak Slickspine & Gub, Croak Sorcerers


Raluk Moorclaw, the Ironmonger (Troll solo)

Swamp Gobber Chef

Boil Master & Spirit Cauldron x 2

Croak Trappers x 2

 Void Leech x 5

Lynus Wesselbaum & Edrea Lloryrr (Pendrake’s students)


The Bone Shrines are pretty intricate for a single model. They will be prototypes for the Sacral Vaults. Stone, ropes, candles, glowing letters, vines, skulls and probably more…

In my travels last summer, I picked this up. Malachite has always been a stone I liked. That is one color scheme. having an actual stone to look helps visualize the model. I have some ideas the second one, but let me keep that under my hat for now.

I will do a cleaning the mold marks and assembling post on the Dracodile.

All the amphibious models will be on swamp bases, you can see those in the croak raider pictures. The rest will be get my merc dirt base mix.

Time to stop typing and accomplish something.

’til next time….

Just do it….

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