Project: I never did get new HAT!!! #3 – This isn’t easy

This is not an easy one. This will probably read like a project plan.

Shrug, I guess it is….

Here are my plans.

I hope to put this on a mud & water (swampy) base. I have a “deep blank” base from Dragon Forge.  The idea is do have ruts the Vault wheels made. Mud on the wheels. Paint the mud, then add water effects to fill in the ruts. The pushing gators will have their feet in the mud and water covering their feet too.

The Vault & Wheels are stone. I am not doing a mono color store. This means I have to detail the wheels at least part of the Vault before gluing on the wheels. I think I need to paint the gator head, snakes & candles totem on the front of the vault first too.   Making ruts in the material I am using for the mud won’t be possible, until the wheels are glued on.

The Wheel skulls and snakes might get a little color too.

The vines are starting out as a light grey. The will have some shading texture added. Leaves on the vines will be a bright green.

There are two sections on the Vault that have textured area. The base has the wheels. The middle and the platform.  There are Runes on every part of the Vault. The will be a yellow or green glow. I will test the color after the stone gets more work.

The Base has vertical panels with a snake design. The panels will be stone and the design maybe getting some highlight color. Between these are skulls. That will have bone with a light green/yellow magic glow in between them. Above the panels are gaps that will be stone with the same glow as the skull areas.

The middle has panels with Runes and spaces in between that look like spirits. The panels will be stone. The spirit area will be light yellow going to green (like the Federalist).

The platform is pretty straight forward. Stone, Runes, Vines. The unique part is the blood gutters and faces connected to them. I will try some of the Rune glow around the face. I’m guessing the sacrifice and blood helps fuel this thing.

.  The upper totem that hangs on a rope will need pins to keep that in place. The dozens of place as desired items will be added at the end.

The witch doctor gator on top will be magnetized for easier transport.

This is big one. A lot of different sections. Part of this is doing things in an order that doesn’t cause anything to get reworked.

I have started to basecoat the Gators. The Pushers are very straight forward. The Witch Doctor is full of details, necklace, feather, bone knife, severed head and on and on…..

Basecoat on the stone is a mix of Coal Black and Gnarls Green. The wheels give you a better idea of the color.

The Vault is wash out by direct light, panels for spirits/skulls and the runes.

I have a choice on what next. The wheels to test the stone concept or work on the Gators.

I’m not sure this counts for work on #HobbyStreatDay, so I guess I need to do some painting.

Till next time…

Just Do It!!!

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