Project: I never did get new HAT!!! – SOO update #1

A couple of years ago, I painted a bunch of Gators. The last time I even pulled any of them out was last June just before Mk3 dropped.

Previous updates #1, #2, #3….

I organize or work conventions more than I play. Simple fact from the last few years. So when Snakeman asked, “you want to go to SOO?”. The hard choice was what model to bring.

My initial plan was to bring Mercenaries. Then the Gator theme list dropped. Well, after a little research and a few messages, I had Maelok and Calaban lists. The next step was to a short list of the models I would need vs what I have painted. Yes, I made a painting list.

  1. Blind Walker
  2. Croak Raiders
  3. Mist Speaker
  4. Thrullg
  5. Wrastler
  6. Trog Harpooner

Not a huge list, two beasts, a unit and two solos. I have two unpainted units of Croaks, so add those in as a stretch goal. Thrullg are mostly purple, so a 2nd Thrullg. What’s another solo, another Mist Speakers. Well, Bog Trogs are easy, suuurrrree they are…  So, another stretch goal of THREE Trawlers (I call them Trog Harpooners)… So my two beasts, two solos and one unit – 14 models exploded into Two beasts, two units and seven solos. 29 models. Of course there are a couple of options that I am not adding to the list, just in case I reach all of the stretch goals….

I had ConCrud after AdeptiCon, so I didn’t even dig out models until 7 April. That weekend it was assembling, priming, pinning and thinking about paint schemes.

Croaks had a solid plan. Blue Poison Dark Frog. A rich dark blue with very dark blue spot on a lighter blue back. Not bad. The other unit was going to be the studio green/orange. Paul called me up one evening. Talking about painting. He said “take a look at bumblebee poison dart frog. Bingo!!! Second paint scheme. Black front and his back is black with yellow/orange patches and black spots.

One hint about building Croaks. The quiver will not glue well unless you glue glob the hell out it. It is a pain-in-the-ASS to pin 20 quivers, but you will never have them fall off if you do that work.

The Trogs will be the same ocher base color I have used before with color on the fins and a ton of details on the weapons cloths and such.

The Wrastler will be dark brown base with brownish green accents.

The Blind Walker!!! I don’t want him to look like a healthy normal Gator. A Blind Walker is created by a ritual. Subjects it to toxins derived from a species of tree frog. Does that sound like poison? Then buried alive for several days. If you bury a body in the ground for a week what does it look like when it come out. I fell back to a saying I have used before.

Anything worth doing is worth overdoing!!

I am basing the Blind Walker in Grey. Then lightening it until it is almost white. The ropes, Candle and medallions are part of the ritual. The ropes will be bright colors. The candles will be a muted lighter shade of those colors. The medallions are dark bronze. The fire will be yellow/green. Like the Feralgeist.

By Monday I as into base coating. Have not touched the Trogs yet. I did some gray on the Blind Walker to prove that much would work. I have not touched him since. That scheme is intimidating. Quite different from the other gators I have done. Well, shouldn’t he be?

Base coated the Croaks and quivers (not glued on yet). Dry Brushed on lighter colors. Ink wash to make the shine. Added Black to the bumblebees. The ropes, wow, so many ropes got a light tan and a dark wash.  The quivers started with a dark brown thin wash. That made the details pop. Dry brushed on a lighter tan. Did a green brown on the grenades. Last will be an olive green on the net holding the grenades. Then I should be able to glue them in place. After that, the feathers on the dart will get done. There are some medallions on the ropes, they will be the same colors as the blind walker.

I finished up the Thrullg brothers today. Purple, then are dark blue ink wash. Purple and white drybrush to bring out the highlights. Pretty straight forward. 

Wraster 2 ( I already had one painted) is dark, but not black. Brown base, brown green shading. Lighter shading a mix of brown green and tan.

The new water effect I am using has dried over night. Very smooth too.

I will some green and brown shading to this layer of water. I dried at about 25->30% of the desired thickness. So I will will thin the paint a lot will a mat-medium mix and give it a swampy look…

The bases are from Dragon Forge. They are ‘hollow black” bases and the are not in the catalog. Not sure why. If you want them just ping Jeff. The bases are soaking in dish washing liquid. Something I always do to clean resin.

Tomorrow, we will see….

Just do it….

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