Then & Now: There is ONLY ONE!

I wrote the title before the new NQ came out, so now there are two…

Cephalyx caught my eye when they first came out back in Mk1 (working with Cryx). The Deneghra2 theme was attractive. Then the Cephalyx Mercenary Contract. Oh my…. The creepy look of the leadership and the mindless hordes of their enslaved army. I have been slowly picking up parts of this army when I could afford to or when I found a deal I couldn’t pass up. I am a bottom feeder! 😉

Operating Theater was the only theme when Mk3 released.

I must be honest, I don’t own any painted Cephalyx. I plan on painting them, but not yet. So I have to thank Nick Kay for his fabulous work on his Cephalyx. Here is a link if you want more info on his work.

No surprises on composition, all the Cephalyx Stuff. The Cryx tricks are gone, shrug….

There are three bonuses. This is a little bit like playing a Tier 4 list. All the bonuses and all the restriction. Take it or leave it. I want to see more.

For every 30 points of Drudge units, you get a free Overload unit. So in a 75 pt game you can get two free units worth 16 pts.

Monstrosities get Hyper-Aggressive. This can be good and bad.

Ambush with one Mind Slaver & Drudge unit, this is useful.

If your play Cephalyx you get free stuff and two bonus abilities. Maybe someday we will see another Merc Cephalyx or Cryx Cephalyx theme. I don’t think you will see a Menoth Cephalyx theme any time soon.

This theme gives you a choice of Casters. Two for now, maybe a new Cephalyx Caster someday.

Exulon Thexus – Spiderman. He has +2 points of STR so his one melee attack is a little better. His DEF/ARM and HP and nothing super. His melee weapon is 1″ range now. So don’t think he will be a melee assassin.

Aggressive Reaction, Sacrificial Pawn & Spell Driven are the same. New is Inflict Pain on his melee weapon. He thinks he is Skorny, Plus or Minus 1 Fury when he hits a Beast.

Cephalyx 01His spell list is the same, but there are some Tweaks. Deceleration is now +2 ARM buff, no DEF. Influence costs 2 Focus. Rampager is 4 Focus, it ignores free strikes and can only be cast once per activation. Hex Blast, Psycho Surgery and Telekinesis are what your used to….

Feat: Telekinetic Tide – Identical. Push enemy model in Control range 2″.

Was +6 WP, Now +29 WP

Telekinesis didn’t change. With 8 Focus and his feat he can manipulate his army and yours to set up some really nasty Charges. Psycho Surgery to heal his Battle Group. Hex Blast to clear spell from his brainless masses.

Cognifex Cyphon – Floating Coffin. His Stats are so close to identical, his melee weapon is 1″ range. The back of that card is identical. Essence Amplifier, Sacrificial Pawn, Steady & Silencer seem to have a copy & paste. Mk3 was designed for a long time.

His spell list has a new one. Affliction has been replaced with Breath Stealer. Blur is 2 Focus, +3 DEF vs Range/Magic attacks. Empathic Overload, Gallows, Onslaught and Perseverance have minor Mk3 wording changes.

Feat:  Adrenaline Rush – +3 SPD, STR & ARM – taking damage at the end of the turn. This is still a good reason to take a LARGE number of Monstrosities.

Was +6 WP, Now +29 WP

For the price of a drudge +5″ range is nice. I picture them dancing like a Muppet, then falling down like you cut the strings. His feat points at a big Feat turn your Monstrosities. Onslaught gives you a big circle of Pathfinder. Empathic Overload with +5″ is Nasty, run a drudge up and auto hit.

Monstrosities, in the new edition, got new rules. They don’t get free focus like jacks do. They get a focus every time they get attacked or continuous effects. Top that off, they don’t lose unused focus like jacks do. All of these guys are cheap, easy to hit and 36 HP each!!

Cephalyx 02Subduer – This big meat shield’s blade is now 1″. No other Stat changes. Catch and Quake are the same. Knock stuff down and pull the target in and beat on it. Was -7 Pt, Now -11 Pt. Damn he is cheap now. One of them is a nice trick.

Cephalyx 03Warden – Just like the cousin, melee weapons are 1″ and NOTHING else changed other than Mk3 wording. He wants to be a Titan Gladiator. Grant Slam and Follow Up are always nice. Shield Guard – is he a Titan Sentry? Was -6 Pt, Now -10 Pt. Again, cheap. Use him.

Cephalyx 04Wrecker – Stat line is the same, I might be a broken record. He lost Chain Attack Bloodbath. Beat Back and Thresher have Mk3 wording and he is still very Nasty…. Was -7 Pt, Now – 14 Pt. A big large threat range (best you have) beat stick. He costs more than his cousins, he should.

Cephalyx 07Cephalyx Agitator – The only solo. His Command when down to 5″, his melee is now 1″ and he has Stealth. Anatomical Precision and Sacrificial Pawn got Mk3 wording. Still magic Ability 7, Influence has Mk3 wording. Instigate is Monstrosities. So, it doesn’t work on Drudges any more 😦 …. Guess that is why t he Command area went down. Pychic Assault is GONE!!!! No Spray.  So he is a buff for the Big Boys now. Was -3 Pt FA3, Now -4Pt FA3. He will still see the table, but he isn’t what he used to be. He Buff’s Monstrosities, say that three times so you don’t forget!!!

Cephalyx Overlords – The Command when down to 7″, melee is now 1″ and they have Stealth. Sacrificial Pawn is Gone. Death Toll is Gone, no more adding Drudges. Anatomical Precision and Influence have Mk3 wording. Psychic Assault is still there, sigh of relief. Three good magic sprays that ignore LOS. New is Veteran Leader [Drudge] +1 Attack Rolls while in Command Range, I can dig it!!! Was -4 FA1, Now -8 FA3.

Cephalyx 05Cephalyx Mind Slaver and Drudges – Mind Slaver is 6 SPD, Command went down to 7″, his melee is now 1″, he added Stealth and CMA. He lost Anatomical Precision & Sacrificial Pawn. The Drudges are still tough, got CMA and lost 1 point of POW. Reanimation is replace with Prep for Surgery. This looks pretty sweet. Living enemy boxed by a attack from this unit, while in Melee with 2 models in this unit get RFP. Add one Grunt in Command range. Wow, you can get a bunch of shinny new Drudges now… Was -4/-6 Pt FA2, Now -8/-12 Pt FA3. Cheap, in your face unit that can replace some losses. The leader has stealth and no ranged attack. He is there to make new Drudges that is Grunts make. The CRA will help a lot. MAT 7 and P&S 14 for two model teams. Keep the Mind Slaver alive and safe.

Cephalyx 06Cephalyx Mind Bender and Drudges – Mind Bender’s 6 SPD, Command went down to 7″, his melee is now 1″, he added Stealth. Sacrificial Pawn is gone. Psychic Projection and the Magic Abilities look the same. You can cast it or channel with up to three Drudges and triple cast that magic abilities. 3 Sprays, AoEs or Buff a Drudge. Quite a trick.  Drudges POW of fist is down 1. Was -4/-6 Pt FA 2, Now -7/-11 FA3. I’m pretty sure you can cast Adrenal Rush on Drudges in a different unit too…

Cephalyx 08Cephalyx Dominator Mercenary Unit Attachment – His Command went up to 10″, his melee is now 1″, he added Stealth. Anatomical Precision got Mk3 wording. He still give Tough to his unit. Sacrificial Pawn is gone. Are you sick of me saying that? He gained a Magic Ability. Seduction moves a BtB enemy model, moves it and make a melee attack. Was -1 Pt FA1, Now -1 Pt FA2. Risking a whole mercenary unit for one Seduction doesn’t seem like a great idea. Things like adding Alexia to gather some corpses is so tempting. Adding Croe’s Cutthroats for some Backstab action with Spiderman is nuts. I’m sure can come up with more options in this list of options.

I considered writing a sentence or two about each Mercenary unit. Nope! Not going to happen! To Damn many!

Both Warcaster have their strengths. Movement tricks for Spiderman. Floating Coffin has 2 good defensive spells, a debuff, pathfinder bubble and a Monstrosity buff Feat. They both can work. Being able to add one or two Mercenary units with Tough has a ton of variety. The addition of Stealth to Cephalyx Solos and Unit leaders really will help their suitability.

Which ever caster you try, Cephalyx still have a small number of options. There have been some tweeks, nothing earth shattering. Will this theme get played a lot?

Only time will tell….

Till next time..

Just do it..

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