Good Bye Mk2….

Most of you realize that I paint a lot. Most of the Skorne models, 3 Menoth themes, 1 Khador theme, 2 Merc theme, 2 Cryx themes, Most of the Minons. Damn that’s a lot of cards.

When I paint something, I also pull out the card and laminate it. I use sleeves that are a lot thicker than a normal office supply store lamination.

I purchased the sleeves in bulk so they don’t cost very much to use. The laminator take 5 minutes to warm up. The card goes in the sleeve. Make sure it is lined up. Put it between the rollers and it comes out HOT! A couple of hundred Mk3 cards are almost smokin’…

I like them because they are easy to store. Almost indestructible. I had a card board box get soaking wet. The card inside the box got wet, but no damage.

I made a mistake and used a permanent Sharpy one day. No problem, a little friction from a finger and the marks came off.

I can wrap a stack of cards in a rubber band. Throw it in a bag with other things and not worry about them.

I could use War Room, but I like the cards. I put them in a stack after activation.

With the edition change there are new cards.

CardsSo it is time to say good-bye to my stack of Mk2 cards. Replaced by a new edition. So many memories are headed for a landfill somewhere.

I wonder if someday someone will dig them up and wonder what they are…..

Till next time.

Just do it…


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