Then & Now: Black Widows

lonelymonkavBlack Widows was Thyra’s Mk2 Daughters of the Flame list. I always thought it should be an assassination list, but it didn’t seem to have the tools to do it. Now it might…

Thyra, Flame of Sorrow – Her Stat line tells a big part of the changes. She has Stealth and Parry, nice. Her twin swords remain unchanged. The back of her card has Mk3 wording, but Acrobatics lost native Parry, Elite Cadre [Daughter of the Flame] and Overtake really didn’t change.

Her feat – Shadows of Urcaen  – still places all friendly models 2″.

Spell list:

  • Carnage – price went down, now 2 focus for +2 melee attack rolls in control range.
  • Gates of Death – Replaces Pursuit. Would you spend 1 Focus to Teleport Thyra at the end of every turn? That is what this 2 focus upkeep spell does. I can see this spell getting turned on turn 1 and being used every turn. Damn, this is good for her.
  • Occultation – Mk3 wording, hand out some stealth,
  • Silence of Death – Get “Removed from Play” on top of +2 STR – Nasty stuff. 2 focus and upkeep.
  • Stranglehold – Unchanged ranged attack spell.

Black Widows 003This little lady can move where she wants, through models, gets extra movement for a kill and teleports to safety. She has a huge +2 melee attack bubble and her feat moves everything in that bubble too. Give a unit/model +2 STR, hand out Stealth. Nasty nasty….

Blood of Martyrs – Like a lot of warjacks, he gained +1 MAT. His bond with Thyra give him Apparition; on Thyra’s feat turn, that is two x 2″ move. Hand of Vengeance still give him +2 to attack/damage rolls.  He lost Parry, but gained Side Step and Grievous Wounds. That Bond is very good. I think BoM will get used both with and without this little lady.

Sanctifier – I use it as a way to collect and use souls on an infantry heavy list. Stats are the same, but it has gained Immunity to Fire. The Grave Marker lost a Point of POW. It gained Ashen Veil – never a bad thing to have. Exorcist’s range has doubled – now 10″ of no Incorporeal. Cenotaph has one small change – the Sanctifier can now hold 5 souls. Holy [Watch it… Gday] Batman!!! He can gain 5 Focus!!! Well, power up +2 this turn, rerepeat. He got better and cheaper. It is easy to picture him with 3 focus every turn in the middle of a game and none of it is from Thyra.

Dervish – I tend to use jacks with twin weapons with Thyra, it just looks right. Stat line added Parry, everything else is the same. Side Step yup, Combo Strike sure. Still cheap, now more effective.

Black Widows 002Vigilant – He has a specific job with Thyra: Protect the Daughters from Blast Damage. Stat line is identical, Girded is the same, but he picked up Roadblock, so he now provides cover like he is and obstacle. I like the way the jack looks and how he plays.

Purifier – He has another point of MAT, nice. He is a fireproof jack with two Crit Fire weapons with overtake. He lost Chain Attack: Combustion, but still has Flame Trail. Loss of the chain attack doesn’t bother me. Base to Base giving Continuous Fire is too much fun.

Thyra theme 05Nicia, Tear of Vengeance – This is the only solo in the Mk2 theme. Stat line added Parry, which used to be part of Acrobatics. The back of her card has Mk3 wording. Acrobatics, Quick Work, Rapid Strike and Sprint made her one of the best Solos around in Mk2. She still is.

Daughters of the Flame – The loss of a point of DEF is tough. They gained Parry because Acrobatics lost it. They kept CMA and the addition of Stealth lessens the Defense loss. Acrobatics and Anatomical Precision got Mk3 wording. Thyra has plenty of tricks to help out these ladies. The old theme list allowed FA:U, so now I wonder if I will ever get to use more than two units again.

Thyra theme 04

Flame Bringers – Stat Line +1 MAT, gained Parry. Weapons are the same. Reposition 5″ replaces the Light Cavalry rule. Side Step and Crit Grievous Wounds got Mk3 wording. FA2. Cheaper still doing the same thing. With the addition of Stealth from Thyra’s Occultation and the new Cavalry rules they will shine.

Choir of Menoth – Stat Line -2 Command, reducing formation size. Hymns work the same way. Battle +2 Damage roll, Passage is the same, Shielding is the same. Still solid. A lot of Jacks got a +1 MAT because of the Battle Hymn change.


Thyra, Flame of Sorrow – WJ: +29
– Blood of Martyrs – PC: 0
– Sanctifier – PC: 1
– Dervish – PC: 7
– Vigilant – PC: 9
– Purifier – PC: 8

Nicia, Tear of Vengeance – PC: 5

Choir of Menoth – Leader & 5 Grunts: 6
Flame Bringers – Leader & 4 Grunts: 17
Daughters of the Flame – Leader & 5 Grunts: 10
Daughters of the Flame – Leader & 5 Grunts: 10


Here is a basic 50 point list. Are there are too many jacks? Keep BoM. Sanctifier or two Light Jacks are the basic package. Tweak the Choir to make them fit.

Thyra themeFor 75 points, add a 2nd unit of Flame Bringers [ I don’t have a 2nd unit 🙁 ] and fill it up with Jacks, maybe a 2nd small choir.

Is this list a delivery system for Thyra? I will have to play it to know.

Till next time…

Just do it…

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1 Response to Then & Now: Black Widows

  1. Daniel Nelson says:

    The Sanctifier. He can have 5 souls, but he can only ever have 3 focus per turn. It’s still great. But it read like the jack can have all 5 in a turn. Just for clarification.

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