Trying Mk3 and Balls…..

Wasteland 001It has been impossible not to notice Pokeman Go for the last few days. I have zero knowledge about Pokeman. So I loaded it on my phone and tried it last night. Honestly, sitting at home doesn’t show much. I watch one video, but it didn’t say much.

I took the dog for a 2 1/2 mile walk this morning. My phone buzzed and I captured a few. Then I ran out of Balls. I found a stop at a crypt in the local cemetery, but I didn’t know what to do with it. There was this tall thing near the church, a gym. It said I wasn’t Level 5 yet. Trying to capture them is fun. The collecting is fun too.

Off to Paul’s. Wasn’t sure I would play. I spent some time assembling my stuff. Xekaar is painted, the Titan and the Cyclops are gold and Red. Need more work.

Paul showed me how the get more balls. Find Blue and spin it. The store was perfect. Right on a stop, so every few minutes I would pick up some more balls. I got some captures too.


Talk with some friends and did a little shopping.

Lunch at a very good Vietnamese place.

I came back and had an opponent. Mk3 Circle box.

He went first and run everything.

Wasteland 002So did I. I had a Gladiator at the left side of a wall. Caster in the middle and the Raider on the right.  The Savage was in the middle and moved to the far right as I saw a flanking opportunity. Some blue thing tried to attack my opponent.

His two headed doggie moved close to his flag. The Wolf ran into the wood in the middle. His Caster ran to the opposite wall on my right. The Gorax was close to the his Caster.

I moved the Gladiator to control my flag. The Raider shot his Gorax for six points. My caster stayed on the wall and the Savage ran around my right and almost to her wall.  The first CP 1-0.

Doggie moved to his flag. Wolf ran into Bast to Base with Gladiator. Gorax ran to engage Savage. Strange moves, shrug. His caster put an AoE of rough terrain out that didn’t do much. CP 1-1

I tried a 2 handed throw and pitched the Wolf 6″ away. Xakaar move to dominate the flag. Raider Charged the Gorax some damage. Savage killed the Gorax. CP 3-2.

His caster did a ranged attack and damaged the Raider. She put a rough terrain so  the Savage couldn’t charge the Wolf. The Wolf shook off the knockdown. Charged the Gladiator. Hit, hit, hit, hit and the Gladiator had lost his Spirit. CP 3-3

The Savage charged his Caster. Hit for 16 points. She transferred it to Doggie. Xekaar healed the Gladiators spirit. Enraged the Gladiator. Bought an attack and hit the Wolf. That gave the Wolf Witch Mark so I could to get Mortality on the Wolf. Nice auto hit trick. So the Gladiator was hitting on all cylinders with +2 Strength and the Wolf was -2 DEF & ARM. That did it…  No more wolf. CP 5-4

Wasteland 003While I was playing Paul was doing captures for me and kept spinning the stop.

We watched a couple of games, then cleaned up and got the stuff to the cars. We walked around Malden hitting more blue spots for supplies and some more captures.  Paul got bothered by a crab and a few other ones. Captures and jokes ended the day…

Overall, a really good day…

I’m surprised that a simple little game. A stupid simple little game can be so much fun that my morning walks with the dog will increase so I can play it. My wife thinks games are a bad thing. I don’t think I will tell her about this one.

Does anyone know of there will be changes in the Stop locations eventually?

Till next time…

Just do it…


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