Looking back Looking Ahead – Imperial Assassins

I guess it is time to really start looking at Mk3.

Mk3 006Imperial Assassins was one of my favorite 35 pt lists in Mk II. Morghoul2’s original theme force . I still remember the TempleCon game against Silent Bob and his flaming forces. The only thing that didn’t Advance Deploy was a unit of Paingiver Beast Handlers and the Lord Assassin. The Razor Worm kept the Bloodrunners safe from blast damage until they got within charge range. Bloodrunner movement tricks were great for disrupting formations and plans. The Lord assassin rocketing across the table to get face to face and finish the job.

Mk3 007With the change to Mk III, Lord Assassin Morghoul has lost a point of DEF. I guess 17 was too high. Stealth and Pathfinder is still there, Mercy is now a 1″ weapon with Blessed (Replacing Arcane Assassin), Magic Weapon and Weapon Master. It gained Grievous Wounds replacing Silent Death (2 focus Spell), while the Fan of Shadows didn’t change. Perfect Balance is gone but he gained Steady – The best thing that happened to the Lord Assassin is that he can’t be knocked down. Paingiver Elite Cadre is gone; Now the Lord Assassin can be blasted by CRA, but he still has stealth. If you leave the Lord Assassin where a CRA can get close enough, it is your own fault.

His spell list changed little; Flashing Blade is the same, but with 1″ on Mercy you can hit that many more targets, placement willing. Ghost Walk now costs 2 Fury, and is how the Lord Assassin can still ignore free strikes. Silent Death became Flesh Hooks – now you have a range attack that can prevent charge, trample or slam.

Mk3 011His feat is back to his Mk1 glory – Control Range LOS blind for one round. Yes, it can be shaken by WarNouns, Beasts and Jacks, but solos and Unit are screwed.Overall, I think that the Lord Assassin is better than he was in Mk2!

Paingiver Blood Runner have the same stat line. They gained CMA, and Anatomical Precision stayed. The movement tricks changed as well – first they get a 2″ place with Apparition (Like the Lord Assassin) and then they get a 3″ reposition. Overall the Bloodrunner got a little better. Apparition increases the threat range and helps line up charges. CMA is always good.

Mk3 009The Master Tormentor got an extra point in her MAT and Apparition, and she still has sprint. Veteran Leader give +1 attack roll (was a +2) but now it is command range rather than LOS, so easier to make use of. It is nice not to have to force her out in front. She still has Thresher too.

Paingiver Beast Handlers’ stat line line didn’t change. Anatomical Precision and Inflict Pain remain the same.  The special actions used to be one per turn, now you can do as many as you want. Condition is now static at one fury. Enrage is +2 STR (no free charge etc). If you think about it, the free charge was like free fury, Medicate is B2B now. Still a very useful unit, I like being able to use all 3 actions on one beast.

Mk3 005The Archidon – Animus, Lightning strike is now 1 fury and self. He lost a point of ARM and a point of Strength. Critical Pitch is a little simpler, no deviation. His fury went down to 3, though I’m seeing a lot of Fury reductions in Hordes. The Lord Assassin can Apparition for 2″, Charge for 10″, with a 1″ on Mercy, kill an enemy, cast Lightning Strike and move another 7″, position himself to feat, blind stuff and hope to survive a turn for his assassination attempt. With Ghost walk, he does this and ignores free strike and can move through terrain. Stabby.

The Krea took a big hit, but she is still useful. Her ranged attack only works on living, and her Animus – Force Aura – is Self within 3″ of the model, granting Force Barrier – +2 DEF vs Range and immunity to blast damage. The Razor Worm lost its no-blast-damage animus, so here it is. We still have a way to protect the Lord Assassin & Bloodrunners.

Mk3 001The Cyclops Brute was originally in the list for knockdown prevention on the Lord Assassin, but we don’t need that now. His ARM dropped, but his shield gained a point of POW.  Shield Guard is always nice, and he gained a couple of hit points.

The Razor Worm lost a point of ARM, you may have noticed a pattern here. Dig in, Drag below are the same. Long Leash is nice – double the control range, meaning the Razor Worm can be tasked with solo hunting out on the flanks, or keeping a transfer target safe in the back.

The Rhinodon seems a little cheaper after the point shift to Mk III. Spiny Growth for 2 Fury, always a handy animus. He gained a point in MAT and lost a point of ARM, he no longer has 360 on his tail. Speaking of, the Tail is 1″ and Fist attacks are 1″.  I used him as transfer target for the Lord Assassin in the past, not sure about him in this list. I may need to reevaluate his role.

Finally, Reptile Hounds – These little buggers never travel alone anymore. They are 2 model for 7 pts vs 1 model for 2 pts in MkII. Their stat line didn’t change at all, but there is some real change is in their Animus. The new one is better, Snacking removes from play and heals d3. The reason for considering  these in this list? SPD 7″


  • Lord Assassin Morghoul
    • Archidon
    • Basilisk Krea
    • Basilisk Krea
    • Reptile Hounds x2
    • Reptile Hounds x2
  • Paingiver Bloodrunner Master Tormentor
  • Paingiver Bloodrunner Master Tormentor
  • Paingiver Bloodrunners
  • Paingiver Bloodrunners
  • Paingiver Beast Handers 6 models
  • Paingiver Beast Handers 4 models


The Cyclops Brute is gone, since the Lord Assassin can’t be knocked down. The Rhinodon was only used in the old list as a transfer target, he is to slow for this list. The Archidon is there for his Animus and as a long range threat that doesn’t worry about terrain. The Krea are there to protect the army from Range attacks and blast damage. The Hounds are there for transfers, 13 pts of damage each. Would Morghoul ever need snacking ???   😉

PGMTs are part of the Bloodrunner package. If you don’t take one with a Bloodrunner unit I don’t understand. Bloodrunners are the AD troops. If there is a large range threat, they might have to wait for Krea support. Get up the table, disrupt things and help Morghoul find a path to the caster.

Mk3 008mk3 012PGBH? 7 beasts will need support. Now that you can do more than one thing a turn, even more of them might be needed.

I will paint up some Hounds and put this insanity on the table soon.

Till next time,

Just do it!!!


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  1. lonelymonk says:

    I might have to revise this post after the Janunary 2017 Mk3.2 Errata….

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