Fond Memories….. Wing Man!!!

WCommander 002I got an email from GoG (Good ol Games) tonight. It appears they have a summer sale. Of course being a bottom feeder at heart I had to look….

Wing Man caught my eye. I remember my disappointment when a new PC’s speed made wing not run. I never finished. I did most of Wing Man 1 and didn’t finish, never did two… Finished 3, finished Privateer. Loved the stories and flying. Always had a spot in my gaming memory… Over 25 years ago and it is like yesterday.

The complexity and Over the top Graphics are unbelievable, but for a story you can interact with the WC game top the chart.

WCommander 001Wing Man 1 & 2 was $6 discounted down to about 3…  I thought it was worth a few bucks… I put it in my shopping cart. Then I noticed, the whole Franchise was available. Less than $10 for everything. Ten Games? Ok, for the price on one miniature I get to fly again…

I guess it is time to dust off that joystick!!!

Till next time…

Just do it



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