Grace O’Malley – Update #25 – is a project ever really complete???

I am updating this post that I never finished.

Savio 001I was hoping The Devil’s Shadow Mutineers would work with Fiona the Black. Nope, nothing for my favorite Thamarite. The sure looked like they might be Thamarites.  Shrug.. Little did I know that this crazy twin stormblade mercenary was a Thamarite. Yes, Savio Montero Acosta is a nice shiny new addition to one of the worst theme lists in the world. Of course this stuff is changing in Mk3, but until any Talon Charter/Pirate theme comes out, we don’t know anything…

Savio 002Savio is a sweet model. Legs, head, two arms, upper body are the parts. I pulled out my FoW Cygnar and everything I needed was right there. Blue armor, denim cloth, Cygnar yellow Swan, off white for the puffy cloth, skin tone, steel, gold, blue glow…  I pinned the arms, glued on the head and painted the legs and body first. Then the base coats and shading was done, they got glued. Then I did the Leg/Body highlights and shading.

Savio didn’t change much moving into Mk3.  3 -> 6 points. The only real change I see is you can knock him down.

I have not put him on the table yet, but he sure looks sweet.

Lost Hemisphere does a Paint the Target every month. One of them in 2015 was something with two weapon. I had just painted Savio, so I needed something else. I dug in the big-box-o-unpainted-stuff. I came up with Captain Phinneus Shea and Bosun Grogspar. Nothing special.

Shea number didn’t change, he lost Swashbuckler. His feat is the same. His spell list gained Flashing Blades, I can see that being useful.

Grogspar still can prevent knockdown. Giant Hook now pushes the target away and doesn’t deviate.

The big point with doing Shea is that it forces me to pull out all of the pirate solos and such. To me that pirate sub-faction of Mercenaries is so diverse and has tons of character. Fun models.

Shea & GrogsparSo expect me to mix in some pirates into the painting schedule. Doing one faction can get old. Mixing in something different seem to help motivation.

In fact, I have the Commodore Cannon & Crew on the table right now. Base coated so far.

Till next time.

Just do it!!!


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