Project – I want a new HAT!!! – Update #4

Where do we sit at the end of Mark 2… My last update on this project was in May, over a year ago. So I have lot to cover… In those months, I have done a Tone of  stages. That sounds like a lot, but it isn’t what I am excited about.

In 2009 I did Wrong Eye & Snap Jaw. One of the things I tried was making a deep swamp base. I cut out the top of the base and glued in plastic card on the bottom. Water effect give it a nice feeling of depth. One thing I learned, don’t do it by hand. Making those bases was a pain-in-the-ass.

2010 when the FoWMinons hit the street in September, I started buying gator. I didn’t paint anything because everyone was doing Gators. Now the meta has shifted and they are much less common on the table.

In early 2014, I found out that a friend made resin bases. I spoke to him, described what I wanted. He said he could do it.. Time passed, nothing. I asked him about it. He was missing a tool to make the masters. I offered to buy the tool. He wouldn’t let me buy that. Shrug, nothing happened. 2015 arrived and I started Chasing the Fez. I started building base on normal plastic bases. I was sick of waiting. The bases didn’t look great, but it was progress.

In June I saw into the resin maker. He handed me three bases, 30/40/50mm. Nice and deep, just what I was looking for. I asked him how hard where they to make? The answer floored me. “Easy, Cool Minis has them. So, I just made a mold from those”. I put them in my pocket and went home. Soon after that, I let him know that I wouldn’t be buying bases from him. I won’t buy from someone who rips off a product. His comment…

“No one will know!!!”

All I could think was “I will Know”…..

At GenCon, Cool Minis didn’t have them in stock. Sadness.

I finally sent a message to Jeff at Dragon Forge Designs. He makes those bases and never put them in his catalog. He even has a 120mm that is a little deeper than a normal base.

So right now I have enough base for all the gators and a few extras..

What have I painted.

J-J x4Jaga Jaga was stage #3  A lot of bones, stones and snakes. I did her in a light blue -> white skin color. The snake are all taken from real Australian snakes.

One of my thoughts on Gators and minions in general. They should not all be the same skin color. Gatormen Posse will all be the same general color scheme, but each Posse will be different. I want all the casters to be different, beasts too. Different tribes from different areas will look different. If you paint your Gator all the same colors, good for you. No problem from me. This is just how crazy I am.

Next on my list of casters was Rask, stage 4. I had been reading about Bog Trogs in Rask x4Unleashed and wanted to crank up his colors..

The fins, head and dorsal are orange with a ton of shading and highlights. I am so proud of how he looks…  One of the few things I might need to add to my Gators is more Trogs. Ten doesn’t seem like enough does it?

Two Bull Snappers, stages 5 & 6. I did one and it was so easy I did the 2nd. One is green Twinsand the other is redish brown.

CtFez 025The Turtle is Stage 7. He is 95% or more of two colors. His armor is Coal Black, the skin is Moldy Ochre. I used MWH to lighten the Coal Black. I used a diamond turtle pattern on his shell. It wasn’t easy, but I really like it.

Mealok was the top caster I wanted to paint, Stage 8. His skin is mostly Cyrx Bane base and Cryx Bane Highlights, shades with MWH. There is so much more. Wood, old dry wood. Leather straps, a lot of bones, skulls and bird heads. Leather tool belt in front. Candle in two groups, on his head and on the candelabra on his back. Stitches where he was put back together. Open wounds, bones showing thru. So much detail..

Mealok colageSo an undead gator, does it have muscles that look like muscles. I’m guessing that it still has blood, the muscles need to still work, so paint the inside like he was alive… Shrug, have to make choices.

Mealok was over half done when CaptainCon prep took my time. The the GenCon trip, followed by time to recover and working on CaptainCon 2016 too.

Mealok 04So I moved on to a Plastic Gatormen Posse. I have one metal Posse that I painted to go with Rasheth many years ago. One thing I need to decide, all plastic, all metal or a mix of both.

Stage 9, I painted one Posse with two colors (mostly)…  Cryx bane base and Cryx bane highlight. It was quick and easy. The huge blade on there weapon is dark grey stone. The rest is old wood, leather and feathers. Nice to add some bright colors.

Posse 01Comparing the two units, the metal ones are smaller and I like the plastic ones better. I did a little of checking around and made a metal for plastic swap.

Gatorman Posse 2 001Stage 10, posse #2 was Bloodstone and Menoth White base. Nice dark red to make them look very different.

Barnabas was Stage 11. Basic color was Traitor Green and Menoth White base. A lot of leather, different skin colors for different sections of his cloak. A lot of little details on that cloak, coins, bone and such.

Barnabas 004Stage 12 is Calaban. All the casters are different colors, so Calaban gets bright green. Started with Wyrm Green and Sulferous Yellow. Green ink washes, skulls and bone weapon are pretty standard. The crystal skull was pretty easy with Meredius Blue and a ton of Morrow white shading.

Calaban 020Stages 13 -> 16 are all bone swarms…  Used the Cryx book bone formula. I added some green glow the eyes. Mealok need some undead pals..

Boneswarm 01 Stages 17 & 18 are squidlies…  Two swamp horrors kind of ….  one is blue and uses some of the book colors, the other was Khador red highlight with a ton of shading.

Squid x 2 001Stage 19 is a third plastic Gatorman Posse. Wyrm Green and Sulferous Yellow… Not sure why I did a third one, but they are easy to paint and I like the colors …

I couldn’t find a photo of just them. So here are all three Posse. The white bases are water effect that dry clear..

Gatormen Posse x3 001A lot of things get in the way of painting. I disappeared into Fallout 4 for a while. I painted some Guild Ball models too..

Finish the Amon Ad-Raza theme list.

Mk3 got announced. All my theme list plans are out the window, but I decided to finish as many Gator themes as I could.

Gatorman Witch Doc 005 Stage 20 & 21. I already had one done, so I painted two more Witch Docs for I have three….

Gatorman Witch Doc 006Then I knocked off a Totem Hunter for Rask, Stage 22.

Totem Hunter 004Boker 004A Gatorman Boker unit because Rask doesn’t do Gatormen Posse. That closed out T4 for Rank and stage 23.

The Swamp Shamblers and the Boker are really interesting. Stage 24 was a big one with 21 models..

The Boker is the Centerpiece. Bones, dead skin, flames, feather, shrunken heads, stones, necklace with beads to just name a few of the details. Wow is he fun do paint.

I tried not limit the pallet. More colors is harder, but gators probably won’t color coordinate thing.

There are three swamp shambler models. One is crouching, one with the left arm out and the other with right arm out.

All of them have leave, grass or vegetation somewhere on their bodies. I decided to make the plant stuff brighter than the Shambler.

They started with Moldy Ocher. Anywhere that had a wound got some Magenta wash.

The scales are what I picture as the chameleon parts. They got a wash of different darker or brighter colors. Dead Trog are NOT going to all be the same color. Well, that’s my thoughts.

Boker 003Then the Shamblers got a very light grey/moldy ocher highlight.

Boker 008One model has a bone arm, not much meat on it. It’ dorsal spines are ripped off and it face is going. More bone and more magenta wash. The belly on this one is open and intestines are dangling out. Those ended up a bluish tone.

Boker 005Boker 007The other two model have an eye falling out. I guess that connecting tissue would be pretty much white, so a Magenta was as followed with some Morrow White highlights.

He has a crab on his left arm too…

Boker 006





Boker 011The bases look like crap, it will take 2-3 weeks to add the water effects. Let that dry. Add a touch of swampy color and do it again 3-4 times.

Boker 001

Time is up, the end of MK2 theme lists is tonight.

So here are my final theme lists of this type.

Barnabas – T4

Apex PreditorCalaban – T4

Bad ReligionMaelok – T4

The Walking DeadRask – T4

Watery GravesJaga-Jaga – T3 ( I wasn’t going to rush on the Battle Engine)

Voodoo DollsI will continue to upgrade this as get more minions painted.

Hopefully tonight we will get some information on what is really going to happen with theme lists…

Heck, the cards have been spoiled for week, the rules are have hinted at and spoiled for a couple of months….  Did they save themes because they are in the FoW/FoH books…

No schedule for the FoW/FoH books…  Strange…

Will they release these electronically. PP Digital maybe? That would be a huge thing to drop on us tonight…..

Think about that one!!!!   🙂

Till next time…..

Just Do IT!!!!!!



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