Project Tipsy Hippo – Update #5 – Smashing Roadblocks

Much has happened since last I posted. Yet, not much has changed.

I have several half written posts that need to get edited and finished.

Why post now?


All of my project are planned around a theme list. The changes that are coming leaves a huge unknown. I decided to work on completing some of the unfinished projects.

A couple of weeks ago, I pulled out the Holy Zealots and one UA. I might consider getting a second one soon ;)….

Zealots 01

The Zealots are mostly gray and sanguine. I wanted them for the Amon theme to add some souls for reclaimers. The idea is to use those to fuel light Jacks. Now I have to wonder what will work in Mk3. They can also work with the High Reclaimer theme (Mk2). Two units of six.

Idrian Skirmishers are a big bite to swallow and a big roadblock. I started them before the Zealots and tried a quick wash on the cloth. I didn’t like the way it looked. Put them away and avoided them for way to long. I’m not expecting huge changes to them. Probably a point adjustment. After being super good in Mk1 (broken), they get a slashed into oblivion in Mk2.

Idrians 01

Nothing to fancy, Sanguine pant, Menoth White Highlight/Base on the cloth, Idrian flesh (Duhh). The bases are not Crackle Plaster. I based them before I started doing that. It is a resin paste. I need to do another color wash and drybrush those bases a little. A total of 24 models. The wrap on the guns are the way to differentiate. One is white the other Sanguine.

My plan includes a Revenger, but that isn’t a T4 requirement. So with 65 points painted. I think I can call this one complete.

Wanderers of Faith

I am quite please with the way the whole thing looks.

Amon  theme 8++


Mk3 is a big plus for me. Models I like are getting an upgrade. Well, that is what it looks like. Without the rules and all the cards, we really don’t know.

So many question. Less than a month to wait, well maybe longer if we don’t get theme force info until the Faction Books come out…

Monks x3

Will three Monk or three Reclaimers ever be used? I might have to break down and sell some.


Actually, Reclaimers have a new name and a new job. They are not a way to add focus to jacks any more.

Uncertainty with theme lists.

I wonder if the MK3 environment will allow me to make quasi theme list? Use the models from MK2 theme list without the associated bonuses. Maybe that will work…

Silent Bob themeWill Silent Bob work well with Cleansers and Bottle Rockets?

Thyra theme

Will Thyra work well with a metric butt ton of Daughters?

These are only the Menoth lists I have. I won’t bother you with the questions about Skorne, Minion, Cryx, Khador, Merc and Cygnar lists I have have….

I will have to wait until PP drops some theme list/list construction information…

Is there anyone else out there who has theme list Anxiety !!!!!

Till next time…

Just do it!?!

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