Grace O’Malley – Update #28 this post is overdue…

A couple of weeks ago the mother ship dropped the Theme Forces Sept 2017 pdf in our lap. It will take time to judge how this changes the meta. One thing is for certain, we now have options we didn’t have before.

The first one I read was Talion Charter.

What can you take. Everything that says Privateer!!!

What do you get for these restrictions?

• For every full 25 points of Privateer models/units in this army, you can add one solo or weapon crew unit to the army free of cost. Free models do not count toward the total point value of Privateer models/units in the army when calculating this bonus.

• Solos in this army gain Dodge. (A model with Dodge can advance up to 2˝ immediately after an enemy attack that missed it is resolved unless it was missed while advancing. It cannot be targeted by free strikes during this movement.)

• One Press Gang unit in this army gains Ambush. (You can choose not to deploy a unit with Ambush at the start of the game. If it is not deployed normally, you can put it into play at the end of any of your Control Phases after your first turn. When you do, choose any table edge except the back of your opponent’s deployment zone. Place all models in the unit with Ambush in formation completely within 3˝ of the chosen table edge.)

So anything your add to your list, Jacks, Units and Solos add up to give you free points. With all the Warcaster giving us more than 25 Jack points each. So it is very easy to get 4 free things in the list. So, that seems like between 12-16 points of free stuff.

Solos in the army get Dodge. Helps to keep solos alive (out of melee range), get them into a better positions, sure, why not.

Press Gang unit getting ambush. Damn skippy!!! Anything that make my opponent change his plans (drives him Crazy) is a good thing.

Since then I have slowly added more Privateer models to my painting schedule. Quite often as a Paint the Target on Lost Hemisphere.

With the announcement about every model being in a theme list, I speculated that Privateers would get their own theme. This was confirmed in an Insider.

As of right now, I have 4 models to finish. Master Holt and The Devil’s Shadow Mutineers.

I had fun with the Gobblin River Raiders. The ability to do head swaps so all the models are different is something I really like. Striped pants, different hats, different weapons… Yes, give me more.

One of the reasons I like Privateers is the variety of colors. All the solos are so different. Even units of can (and should) have different colors on pants, vests, shirts, scarves and anything else you can do.

When possible I try to make the characters look like the book/studio art. I’m not a painting contest winning painter. Never tried to be. I just want people to look at the models on the table and smile.

I have been consistent with the base from the first model to the last. Popsicle sticks and enough time to do that many cuts to make something look a certain way isn’t something everyone can do. I have the time, so all the Privateer are on Deck.

A lot of these photos are of partially done models, a lot of them need black on the base and facing marks.

Meg was fun, the back the front are totally different. The back has striped pants and the front is all leather apron. A little grease and grime goes a long way too.

I always make an effort to not have “mono-metal”. Not every metal item, be it weapon, tool or jack part is all one shade or color of metal. Quite often different metal parts are used. Soft metals protect the hard ones. Part that are easy to replace are soft so the hard to replace ones last longer.  So there is a “real” reason for my madness.

BB is a tough one. I am glad to know there is a Tattoo article on the Merc Mk2 book and recently a PP did a Get your Paint on for Tattoos. And of course he had to have striped pants.

These models have been done over a long period of time. One here, one there. Do a project for Menoth, do one Privateer. Paint some Gators, do one privateer. Maintaining focus during a long project isn’t always easy. Sometime I have to step away from one project. Do something different.

I recently played Undercity (Iron Kingdom dungeon crawl board game). I found it to be a ton of fun. It has hand fulls of plastic game pieces. Heroes, villains and  grunts oh my. I found a Widower’s Wood kickstart trunk with all the models and I picked that up. Soon I think I might need a project name to paint up ALL of those plastic models and make that game look better. I will also find a way to get all of the Undercity stuff too. Anyone have a copy for sale?    😉

Dougal had a problem, his legs had broken. I had to drill and pin both legs. It isn’t pretty but it works. Dougal is nice and colorful. The shading on his nose, forehead and chin came out well too.

I always have considered Lady A & Master H two of the nicest models in the Privateers. I really wanted to do a good job on those two. Master H isn’t done yet.

Lady A has so many different pieces of clothing.  You can’t see her face or earrings. I always thought she was flipping up her hood.  Her hair and cape are blowing from her left to her right. I used one of the hair color example from the FoW Retribution book. Multiple reds are for different thing. Cloak inside and out, left leg armor, boots and so one.

I almost forgot. The Galleon. That was the first thing I did after the Fiona list was completed. It isn’t a privateer model so I didn’t put it on a plank base. I wanted to show that it would work with Privateers, so I tried to make it look like it was standing on Pier. A very strong Pier.

So I have to paint the ramrod on the Deck Gun Crew, Finish Master H. Paint the Bucaneer Trio and all the Privateers will be done.

Well, until PP decides to add a new model. Don’t hold your breath on that one.

Until next time….

Just do it….

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