Movin’ along the highway!

Life has changed a lot in the last eight months.

No working a normal job. I retired which give me more free time than I have ever had in my life. My mother in-law lived with us for her last two years and she passed at the end of January.

It started in January. Then February was snow, snow, cold, cough, more snow and that continued into March.

Winter of 2015

We finally have spring and my home is getting to into a new routine. I paint two, sometimes three times a week. Sometimes a commission, but mostly what I want to paint. A lot of my time is spent contacting game store about buying Ichiban Brushes and other Games and Gears products. If you know of a store…  Well, drop me a note…

I spend so much time at home. I have started taking walks with the Dog. Muffin seem to love this. I can take her for over two mile and she just wants more. I usually have a podcast or radio while walking.
Florida mapRecently we went to a big chain book store and found a good one on the discount shelf. For $5 I got a Carl Hiaasen book. The author is a columnist for the Miami Harold and takes things that really happen and twists them into a great read. A warped murder mystery with a dry humor is perfect. The bad guy always loses in a way that makes Karma smile. I have read most of his book and there isn’t a bad one. So take your pick.

A Smithsonian Magazine describes his work like this…

Carl Hiaasen has compiled a body of work populated by venal real estate developers, crooked politicians, environmental zealots, dead tourists, ambitious strippers and numbskull lowlifes. He says that as nonfiction has gotten stranger than fiction, it’s become harder for a satirist to stay ahead of “the curve of human weirdness. America is becoming more like South Florida every day, which is terrifying.”

I am reading it slowly like enjoying a good meal.

Florida manAt the same time a friend point out @_FloridaMan pm twitter. This anonymous person posts news stories of things that happen in Florida. They seem to be true, funny and hard to believe. Can almost 300, 000 followers all be wrong? Examples might help…

Florida Man Steals Car, Leaves Wallet

Florida Man Tries to Walk Out of Pawn Shop With AK-47 Stuffed Down His Pants

Nunchaku-Toting Florida Man Says He’s Got a Plane to Catch as He Races Through Airport in His Underwear

Florida Man Tries to Steal Honey, Attacked by 30,000 Bees

Florida WomanNot to be sexist, there is @_Flor1daWoman I bet you can guess what this is like…

Florida Woman Assaults Twin Sister During Argument Over Vibrator |

Baby Pulls Bag of Cocaine Out of Florida Woman’s Bra During Traffic Stop |

Florida Woman Tells Cop She Doesn’t Care He’s Not a Taxi, She’s “Only Going Four Blocks” |

Topless Florida Woman Wrecks McDonalds, Pauses to Guzzle Ice Cream |

Just a few examples of the hundreds of tweets that he has posted and they all are true. There is new stuff almost every day…

Florida StrangeThese seem to bring me endless amusement.

I keep thinking…

“Holy Jesus! What are these goddamn animals!” – Hunter S. Thompson

“I learned a long time ago that reality is much weirder than anyone’s imagination. – Hunter S. Thompson

Life has changed a lot. I now have time.

Time to stop and look, shake my head and laugh.

I have been working on Chasing the Fez. I have painted Jaga – Jaga, Rask and two Bull Snappers. Also a commission for a Skorne and Troll Battle box, but those will have to wait for another time….

I think I was tired of just writing about painting…

Till next time,

Just do it…

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