Photographs and Memories…..

Yes, that is an old song title.

Today is a hard one. Really hard. Every talking head on television (and some on the radio) are doing things for Mother’s day.


I lost my mother almost two years ago and my mother in-law less than four months ago.

So many things I would have said.

So many things I would have done.

Don’t put anything off till later, because you never know.

To survive, I am looking for movies without huge emotional content to watch. My normal distraction is painting. I have a project that needs final touch-up and clear-coat.

Then I have my first commission of the year. A Skorne Battle Box is nothing new. I can almost do it in my sleep. It is relaxing to paint something where I know all the colors and shading. This is my 4th or 5th Morghoul 1…

I keep thinking back when I was young. Summers at the ocean. Camping by a lake. Picking wild blueberries and looking out for bears. You really have to look out for them in wild blueberry fields where I grew up. Home made pies, muffins, pancakes.

Laundry dried on cloths line. The smell of the sheets after they dried like that.

Minion Mom's day

For everyone who doesn’t have a mom to hug today. My heart goes out to you.

Till next time…

Just do it!!!


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