Project – I want a new HAT!!! – Update #3 – Is it really Spring?

I sit here with the windows opened and a nice breeze. I am walking with the dog every day. She seems to like it, but I am over a mile and a half (not bad for an old fart), but Muffin might not make it as I push on to two miles or more.

Muffin after a walk

Nothing huge, but I wrote this over two weeks ago. There is a taped delay in LH posts.

Here is how I did stage #2 of Chasing the Fez!!

My gator concepts. Gatormen are different colors for different tribes. Part of that is the colors on the area they inhabit.

Beasts are more camouflaged. They look more like a wild gator/croc that I see in pictures.

Gatormen cloths are skin/leather. Why do they wear cloth? I don’t have a clue. I don’t think a travelling merchant would try to sell cloth to a gatormen tribe. I am assuming the merchants are smart enough to realize that profit doesn’t mean anything if you wind up being the main course of feast.

Wrastler 12

Gatormen cloths are skins/leather. The are roughly stitched together. That is easy to see on the models. Do gatormen care about color or stylish outfits. Only Faultie has gentlemen gators. The leather is different patches and they may or may not match. Is it stained, sure it is and they don’t care. So I use all five of the P3 Flesh paints for the skins/leather.

I actually took a vacation and got some warmth and sun in Florida for a week. First time in four years we got away and tried to relax.

Witch Doc 05

My first Witch Doctor has the majority of his leather in Khador flesh. lighted with Midlands flesh and Ryes flesh. The rope is based in Battlefield brown and Rucksack Tan brings out the details. The bones, so many bones, are Bone Jack worked up to Menoth White Highlight. His weapon is my attempt to make a stone weapon. If you think it looks a little bit off, look at this linky. The gourds on his hips are Exile Blue and Beaten Purple. His skin starts with Iosian Green, lightened with Wyrm Green, darkened Thornwood Green. He looks a little cartoonish, but I like him. Did I say that there are at least 20 bones on this model. Crazy detail and a #painintheass!!!

Witch Doc 02

The Wrastler was harder for me to conceptualize, but eaiser to paint. I didn’t want wrestling mask with all the crazy colors. I wanted him to be able to disappear in a swamp and the first thing you might see would be the eye or teeth. Basecoat was Thornwood green and Menoth White Base. Washed with a thin Battlefield Brown on his back. The belly got washed with Thornwood. The ropes got Battlefield Brown and Hammerfall Khaki. His shoulder armor is Pig Iron washed with Battlefield Brown, then a home made black wash. Followed by Pig Iron and then Pig Iron with some Cold Steel. The back got a dry brush of Thornwood & Rucksack Tan. The some Rucksack. Finally Ruckstack with some Menoth White Base. It was darkened with a thing Thornwood glaze. The shoulder and leg rocks ( I know they are not rocks, but they look like rocks) got a straight Rucksack and are lightened a little more than the back. The tail got some Menoth White Base stripes that got Thornwood washes and some blending on the edges.

Wrastler 05

Both of their mouths are Murderous Magenta mixed with Menoth white base, then lightened my adding more MWB to the mix. Their teeth are Morrow White. The claws are Cryx Bane Base -> Cryx Bane Highlights -> MWB.

Wrastler 03

Basing will get done later when I can do a large number of models at one time.

I had to pick a caster. That’s what I want to do for Stage #3. That is what I want to paint next. I like all five, I am talking about painting them. So rather than picking, I bothered a lot of my friends. I got 17 replies.

Everyone picked a 1st, 2nd, 3rd. First got 3 point, second got 2 points, you get the idea.

Jaga-Jaga, Rask, Maelok, Barnabus, Calaban are the painting order. The only one that are close are Barney and Candle Croc…

Barnabus Calaban Maelok Rask Jaga-Jaga
2 3 1
1 2 3
3 2 1
2 1 3
3 2 1
1 2 3
2 1 3
1 2 3
2 1 3
2 3 1
1 3 2
2 3 1
1 3 2
2 1 3
2 1 3
2 3 1
17 7 18 24 30

I’m not going to paint all five of them next. Jaga the dancing snake charmer is on the table now.

I had planned on going to the Southern Ontario Open last weekend. Nope,  that didn’t happen. The wife’s car died I can didn’t think it was fair for me to leave on Thursday morning and not return until late Monday. Pretty bummed out. Shrug…

CaptainCon is funded. There is still time to get tickets at a lower price.

Looking ahead to GenCon too…

Till next time…

Just do it….

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