Project – I want a new HAT!!! – Update #2 – WTF

Croc 04Well, if February the Piggy posted his stage #1 and I got to start mine. I picked a ten model unit of Bog Trogs. Seems at least equal to six Pigs with Polearms. I finish my stage two in less than three days.

I may not have made huge amounts of progress in the last SIX weeks, but one thing is for sure.

I’m sick of looking at that curly little tail. Motivate Smotivate…. Time to paint what I want to…


I picked a Wrastler and Witch Doc for my stage #2. Pretty equal to a minor Piggy Caster and his Big Bacon on two legs. Most of March was little or no production. AdeptiCon took a week. The week after was getting some rest and getting back in the swing of things.

I went to  the LGS and made a little progress on those Holy Zealots and played a game. That felt pretty good, then my throat didn’t feel right on Saturday. So, last week was a Strep Throat, damn, where did that come from. Antibiotics to the rescue.

So today, Saturday 11 April I am finally starting to paint.

Wrastler 01The Wrastler and Doc are light color on the belly type gators. The Warstler is based in Thornwood green and the belly starts with Meonth White Base (MWB).

Doc has a metric butt F–k ton of detail. Multiple Skulls, a snake, bone staff with skulls, dagger which will be stone (linky), the ropes on his cloths, the rings in the cloths and his cloths. My thoughts on Gator cloths. Gators don’t make cloth. I don’t think anyone make it for them either. They use what they have. So the cloths are skin. I don’t think every piece of skin is the same. WrongeyeI look for different skins stitched together. So, the cloths are a patchwork of skin tones.I did this on Wrong Eye a long  time ago.

So, the Doc will have a stone knife, multi-colored leather cloths, bone rings in the leather so the ropes don’t cut the leather, a snake and skulls. All of this is on top of making him look like something that crawled out of a swamp.

Witch Doc 01These two are not done, but posting something about them is a little bit of motivation.


To be honest, the last month and a half has been full of excuses to not paint, not sure why. Trying to get rolling again.

I don’t have a clear picture of the wrastler in my head yet. A little more shading and such and it will happen.

The Doc going to happen. Crazy amount of detail, but isn’t that the fun of it…

Croc EyeI am coming to get you Piggy!!!

Till next time…

Just do it..

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