Grace O’Malley – Update #26 – Donate or Paint Complete!

Donate or Paint 18Tuesday started out well. Normal morning routine.

Worked on her hair and face, a lot of blending. Thin the paint, add a layer.

As the morning when on, I just didn’t feel well. Have had a cold, con crud or any of a dozen other names for the last three weeks. I feel good for two or three days. Then I have a couple of days of cough, feeling hot or cold and no energy. So by noon, I was ready to fall over. The couch called my name and I got a ton of extra sleep.

Wednesday was much better.

I started on her feet and legs, so Donate or Paint 16many things on her legs, cold steel, brass brass, MWH, Beaten Purple, Coal Black and Morrow White edges. Purple belt with steel studs. Her skirt is dark blue with white edges, so many edges. Bustier is purple with brash steel. The boiler needs yellow/orange in the fire box.

The left arm has a skull, and purple armor with white edges. I am so sick of little white lines by now. Her gloves are dark blue. The cuffs are white with a little bit of bastion grey.

Right arm was actually quick after some of the other parts. Shoulder Donate or Paint 19armor is purple with white edges and steel studs. Upper arm is purple with more white edges. She has a dark blue cape with purple trim all with white edges. Her spear is mostly brass and steel. A lot of shading. some blue glow in a couple of places too.

The pinning made her a really solid model, I don’t think she will fall apart.

Now I get to challenge three people…

Sam Sedghi, Sean MacDonald, Adam Stilgoe…  You guys are all challenge….. and I want to see some Donate or Paint 15pictures too…

What next, I think I have been waiting six weeks to get started. I have been slowly picking up Gators since the FoH Minion book came out. Everyone was building gators back then. Now most of them have moved on. I don’t see them on the table very much anymore.

I still have some Menoth to finish. I will mix those in among the reptiles.

These models have sat around for years and they need some paint.

So I really need to start using some water effects on the bases and some green paint on the models.

Croc 05I need me some bacon!!

Till next time,

Just do it.


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