Grace O’Malley – Update #27 – Donate or Paint!

I think of this as Donate & Paint!!

Yesterday, Sunday 22 Feb, I was informed that my arch nemesis had challenge me.

Donate or Paint is a charity Chain Attack started. A member of the Wm/Hd community has medical troubles. Because of the bills, he has lost his home and his health keeps him from painting. For more information, follow the link and watch the video.

I was challenged, but you can donate or paint and challenge your friends, pictures and videos of models are what that ask for if you can’t give a few buck. Honestly, can’t you afford a couple of bucks?

I had no plans to paint the New Fiona anytime soon. Well, now I have to finish her by Wednesday 25 Feb…

So here goes.

C360_2015-02-23-09-18-11-484First I had to empty my desk. Ok, I cleared a spot. Maybe I moved some stuff around….

On hold are the twelve Holy Zealots and Monolith Bearer that will have to pray and toss firebombs in anger until I can get back to them.

All my Talon Charter model get a plank base. So, I cut up some craft sticks. Glued on the first one. Figured out where her foot that is on the Skulls would sit.

I marked can trimmed a hole for the tab. Looking at the photo, you can’t even see the base. It is there. Really it is…. Glued down the other two planks and glued her body in place.

Once she her body was on the base, I got out a bottlecap and attached there with blue-tack.

I had to put her on a black bottle cap, she is a pirate after Donate or Paint 02all.

I glued her boiler in place, small little piece that will fit both ways. If you look at the top of the stack, you will see that it is angled. Put the open part away from her head.

She really needed pins. It was harder than I thought too. Her left arm is sticking out like she is casting a spell. If you glue it in place, it will be really hard to Donate or Paint 05detail her face. It is pinned and will get attacked later.

Her right shoulder and upper arm have a very nice key to ensure it fits in place. I didn’t trust it and drill the left shoulder. The upper arm has a cape flowing out behind it. This will be stress on that glued joint.

The lower right arm holds the donate or paint 04trident. That attaches to the upper arm/cape. To top that off, the elbow is a 90 degree attachment with a large Trident in that hand. This need a great pinning job.

I drilled the upper arm/cape all the way thru. One hole so could attach the Donate or Paint 03shoulder to the lower arm/Trident.

Other things to consider. The whole arm won’t be attached until the body is painted. I have to get the correct position between the lower arm/Trident and the upper arm/cape. The shoulder armor and cape are pretty close to her hair.

Of course that wasn’t the only thing to cause problems. She has a small Donate or Paint 06thin little pony tail blowing in the wind behind her. It is close to an inch log and with no support expect the back of her head, that need a pin too.

The back of her head was the third hole drilled in her. Not an easy way to get weight off a model.

You must be thinking the hair was easy to glue in place. Of course not. The way I thought it should go banged into the spear. Remember that her right arm is assembled but not glued in place.

I removed the hair, re-positioned it and it was hitting the cape.

Third time is the charm. I guess….

Her skirt was the easy part, I nice clean curved Donate or Paint 07contact point. Glue and done.

I can’t imagine assembling her without pinning her. I hand drill everything.

Brush on primer was next. That way I don’t have any wind, cold, hot, humid spray primer drama.

Once she was assembled and primed I took a lunch break. Well after I scraped some glue off my Donate or Paint 09hands.

Painting her like the studio paint job is what I want to do. I won’t be able to match the blending, but I will will do my best.

Her metal armor start with Cold Steel, Coal Black is on some of her cloths. Some of her armor start with Beaten Purple, that will need to lightened up quite a bit. I started her skin with Mildlands flesh.

I had some phone calls to make Donate or Paint 10this afternoon. some of the basecoating is all I got done.

I am not sure I will have time to finish her tomorrow, but Wednesday is doable.

I will update on facebook and Twitter tomorrow as I make progress.

I really need some sleep. A head cold, sneeze/cough came back tonight.

I hope you get the idea.

Please donate and if you can’t paint something.

Challenge you friend or even people you don’t like very much…

Anything worth doing is worth overdoing!!!!

Till next time…..

Just do it..


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