Project Tipsy Hippo – Update #3 – A Trio

Maybe I should have called this ConCrud update #1. Not much better today. Hot, then cold, cough cough, nap, wake up coughing….  I’m sure you get the idea.

Croc 04No Piggy news….  Heavy sigh….

The adjustment to life without Peggy happen every day. The chair she always sat in. Barb went to the store and cried when she picked up some Irish Soda Bread. You guessed it I bet, her mother’s favorite. We might go out to eat this weekend. The first time in about three months. It will be breakfast at Barb’s favorite dinner. It sucks and life goes on.

KKvsGodzillaI got lucky this afternoon. I was looking in the free movies on cable. I found two Godzilla movies. Not the Hollywood ones. Tokyo makes the real ones. Some guy in a big rubber suit, you get it. I have watched them with great humor since I was able to go to the movie theater alone. I remember King Kong vs Godzilla in a double feature one Saturday. I never understood how King Kong got stronger when hit by lightning, but it was fun. These movies are terrible, but to me the are terribly funny….

I put the first one on and started to paint a little. I would paint until I got to hot or cold or dizzy. Then I would lie down, maybe nap. Get up and do it again. Mix in taking the dog out. Reheating some left over, making a few phone calls and dealing with emails.

Three kicky monks.. why would anyone want these? In this theme they get Advance Deploy. So they arm SPD 7 and start up table. They are tough, do you feel lucky? Weapon Master with two weapons is nice too. Shirting Sands Stance, if you don’t move, you gain +2 DEF (17) and if the enemy misses you get to move 7″. G’Day has stories of multiple misses moving one of these to engage a caster on turn 2. MAT 7 hits pretty well and POW 7 will put a point of damage on a ARM 19 on an average roll.

Monk 01First I took Menoth White Base and did the leggings. Yes, there is a small piece of flash on the left foot I need to trim….

monk 02I wanted to do the same Grey/Sanguine scheme, but I thought I needed one more color. Coal Black on the puffy pants.

The quilted parts are Sanguine Base, just Like Amon…monk 03

A lot of gold trim, so Rhulic Gold again.Monk 04



To be honest, they are pretty sloppy on the gold. I should have stopped before I did those and rested. Oh well, clean up will take care of that.

Monk 05

I did each of them in a different skin tone. Irdrian, Beast Hide and Midland. The belt, arm ties and shoulder armor are Ironhull Gray. The cloth Gray has a little bit of Menoth White Highlight., they look like hell right now and that is how I feel too. Next is shading, I will darken stuff. Then I bring out the highlights.

I hope I feel better tomorrow and I hope to see some painted piggies too…

Until next time,

Just do it…


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