Con Crud – The dregs

Croc clockToday a fever and cough came back.

It may be Con Crud or Swine flu…

No progress on anything hobby related.

Why am I doing a Amon Ad-Raza theme list?

1. I like his model!

2. I have heard a lot of people say all light jacks won’t work (tier 4 requirements).

Two unit is idrian Skirmishers takes a chunk of points. A point per model and a 3 point UA can be as much as 23 points in this list.

SPD 6, RNG 10, RAT 5, POW 11, Advance Deploy, Pathfinder and Combined Range isn’t cheap. A small unit with UA can combine for RAT  13 and POW 19/Full unit with UA is RAT 17, POW 23. The UA adds some nice tricks too. Prey is always helpful.

I know others have made this the big part of the army.

I plan on painting full units and playing minimum units.

Include a unit of Zealots and  Reclaimers. The reclaimers can power a jack or two.

Kicky Monks get Advanced Deploy, so three solos and two units of Idrians to get in someones face.

Zealots to get in close, tie something up and die.

Four or Five light jacks with two reclaimers to help with the Fury.

Amon give a movement boost and pathfinder to his battlegroup, Focus for all his jacks and Synergy. Really good spell options and a Jack support feat too. Most or all of the jacks with have two weapons. First one will use Power Attack push to start the chain. It auto hits. Trying to keep 20 points of Jacks in this list. is the way I am looking at this. I maybe a damn fool, but I want to try it. A fever does strange things to the mind I guess.

If anyone has tried this, please let me know you experiences….

Honestly, I want to paint some Gators, so finish some Pigs..

Till next time,

Just do it..

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