Project Rolling: Update #11 – Broken Banners & Bugs

Is there such a thing as Con Crud. Is it a cold, flu, exhaustion or all of the above.

I didn’t start TempleCon 2015 the way I wanted to. The days before involved a family funeral, travel and hotel rooms. Tuesday night the room next door had screaming and loud music at 1 am. We ended up changing rooms.

Croc 04No news today. I was hoping for some Piggy Progress  last weekend by zero news.

Three years ago, I took Skorne to TempleCon 2012.

I had painted a ton of Skorne in the previous six months for Clash of the Titans on Lost Hemisphere. Linky

So off to TempleCon. My battlefoam bag is nice, but without custom foam, I broke the banners on the TyCo & Standard and Venator UA. I was angry with myself.

So my Skorne has sat, virtually unused for three years. I have played Cryx, Menoth, Khador and Mercs and I am finally getting used to Focus.

Banners 01So here are two broken banners. One of my habits is to put banners on metal bases so they don’t fall over so much. It works.

It took some nice new G&G cutters, a flat file, a dental pick and two pin vice.

I cut the pole from the Venator and trimmed the one on the Standard bearer. Next was to file everything flat. Use the pick to start the spot on the center.

Use the small drill to start the holes.

Banners 02Use the large drill to enlarge the hole.

This is time consuming, but I usually do pretty well.

The Venator banner isn’t a nice big place to drill. In fact it is a cone. So drilling with the larger bit split the metal. Not good, not good.

I took a round file and smoothed up the banner. Opening the hole. Then I used the flat file to shape the brass rod. by making it smaller it fit better.

Banner 08


It is the back of the banner. I will use some two part putty to reinforce that. If I am careful, it will last.

Banner 10

Not my greatest paint job and all the handling made it worse.

It will need more TLC to make it table ready, but all of the Skorne need some love.

At TempleCon, sleep is always hard to come by. I was up before 7 am every day. On top of that,  the heat in the room didn’t work. We repeatedly asked for it to be fix. The crack maintenance tried every day, but when we turned on the heat at 65 degrees, room would go down to 62 or lower.

The easy solution was more blankets. Nope, the hotel doesn’t have any. A sheet and one thin blanket just didn’t do it.

I was able to get to sleep, but I was up before the alarm every morning shivering.

A hot shower was a good solution, but I was awake after that.

During the day it was making sure events got started on time. Did everyone show up for their shift? Paperwork, laptop, chessclock, recording games and other issues

There is always something happening.

The TyCom Standard was pretty routine.

Banner 11The banner end is large enough to drill easily. The hands survived pretty well to.

Again, it needs some more work, but it is all in one piece now.

Privateer Press has a ton of video equipment.

When it gets set up, where it gets set up, doing that around a tournament that is running. After the keynote, where will they video the IG finals. Tables for that video equipment too.

Saturday, we had room to spread out the Charity Raffle prizes. Tons of stuff and more coming in all day. Chris “G’Day” and I sold tickets on Saturday, all day, over 11 hours. Then the Raffle. We sold over 4000 tickets on Saturday. Stop and think of how many hand shakes and the chance of catching something.

Bug 01I picked up a Scrab Pack recently. I pulled those out to get some pictures for you.

I was surprised to see two different Castings.

The left body and upper jaw are larger. Not by much.

What you see is the upper jaw, on its side. Below those are the back of the bodies with the back legs.

You think those are tiny…..

Sunday, I was hurting. My back had hurt for weeks from moving my Mother in-law. Twisting or picking stuff up was just to much.

Add to that we had a snow storm coming in Sunday night.

Bug 02These are the front legs and lower jaws.

I couldn’t find any difference so I don’t think there are leff and right legs.

In the lower right is the lower jaw.

Very small lower jaws.

Don’t handle these if you have had to much coffee..

We started packing up early. It seemed like a lot of people had the same idea. Iron Arena and unused tournament tables in the Ballroom got picked up and organized by mid afternoon.

Thank you to everyone who helped move stuff to the truck.

We grabbed some dinner during the final round of masters.

So, when we got back, it was all over.

Bug -4Gluing on the lower jaw is a good time to use a wire to apply the glue.

I don’t have often use a glue accelerator, but this seem like it was the right time.

Glue on the body, Accelerate the jaw and in a few seconds…..

Now look just behind the lower jaw. You see that circle. That is where the claws get attached. One on each side. 

Again accelerate for the arms. This Bug 5is where you can customize that bug. Left arm up, right arm up

They are cute, ugly and a bunch of small parts. I hope they are fun for me and a pain in the ass for my opponent

I didn’t get home until late Sunday night. It was snowing pretty hard. Monday was rest and cleaning up over 18″ of snow.

Tuesday, I worked on unpacking. I had no energy, just dead dog tired. Tuesday night, sore throat hit. Wednesday added a fever and then a cough joined it.

By Saturday, the sniffle cough was all that was left and it still comes and goes. am very glad to report that slowly my back is returning to normal. I thought it was just muscles from moving a 140 pound person. I’m glad it isn’t a disk or other more serious problems.

Overall, five days after a major convention is about right. It is a marathon a bad start makes it worse.

Will I ever be able to paint some Gators? It sucks to have no control over this. Here piggy piggy piggy!!!

Enough of this.

Till next time,

Just do it.

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