Project Tipsy Hippo – Update #2 – The faceless masses…

Sunday, Sunday….

Croc 01Just another day to move some snow. Almost a foot and more on Tuesday.

So what did I do besides wonder if there has been any Piggy progress.

Well, a full hour of CaptainCon planning. No details for you, but progress is always a good thing.

Snow removal took over two hours. Arms wouldn’t support detail painting, so prep work seemed appropriate.

BogersI keep grumbling about the lack of swine painting so, I am really ready for stage #1 now.

One full unit of Bog Trogs assemble and primed. I can do the bases until the feet are painted.

Zealots and MonksThe Zealot UA’s mace is hard to attack, so I drilled and pinned it.

The kicky monks, I stopped and looked that them and realized the didn’t have any hands. I dug out the blister and sure enough. Three Zealots and Monks 01sets of Arms. Those also needed pinning. drilling those little arms make my fingers hurt, but they are done.

The last thing was to pull out that ink wash I use to stain the crackle plaster. All the faceless masses now have dirt. All ready to paint. Next I will have to figure out what color goes where….  Ugghhh…

Amon 104Back to the HULK.

When last you saw him he was kind of Blue, after a wash of Exile Blue and Sanguine base.

His quilting got some Sanguine Base and Sanguine High Lights. Around the edge I used some Sanguine Highlight with a touch of Skorne Red.

Menoth symbol is gray and white.

Next I attached the left hand. It may look funny that way, but leaving the chain in its original shape made it easier to paint. The Chain is cold steel with a couple of black ink washes. Amon 105High Lighted with Cold steel again. Then touch the high spots with Quick Silver mix in the steel.

Attaching the right hand is tricky. The chain on the right hand lines up with the end of the chain on the his left wrist. Take your time and get it right the first time.

Neither hand needed a Pin. Nice large area Amon 106with a good dimple makes it easy to attach.

Once I had both hands attached, I did the detailing on the hands, wrists and weapon. Under his gold gloves, he has Sanguine. Keeping with the theme.

Next wast to touch up the gold and give a good over from head to toe. Touch up this, a little shading there. If you a picky painter, you understand.

Amon 101I still need another coat of black on his Base.

When all was said and done I bent the chain to where I was happy with it.

This will be a BITCH to transport, but one look on the table and you will know which model is the caster.

My choice of flesh tone. Idrain Flesh, is something I have never seen on Amon.  In the FoW Menoth “his nomadic Idrian Family” makes me think of him in a darker skin tone. So that is the idea.

So what will I do tomorrow. Well, it is a day to do things. Snow on Saturday, Clean up snow on Sunday, do things on Monday, more snow on Tuesday.

I have to mail Seige and run a couple of errands.

Amon 103If I get Piggy progress, I start the Bog Trogs. If I don’t, the Faceless Masses get the table.

A question for you. Would Bog Trogs have Metal, Bone or Stone weapons? I have to check the NQ article.

I think there was a NQ write up on Amon also. I need to dig that out and read it.

I was being honest about the Zealots and Monks. I know the colors, but I don’t have a scheme for them yet. I think I might use some MWB and MWH on the Zealots and maybe some Coal Black too. Right now, I just don’t know.

I also have to do stone the Zealot UA. Help…

Well I knew this job was dangerous when I took it…..

Croc 10Till next time,

Just do it.





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