Siege – Just a look….

Here it is, Saturday. I thought I would stop by for minute and look back at what I did today.

Croc 09The Hulk is pretty much done, but that is a tease. Nope, you will have to wait for tomorrow.

I’m in a rut, wondering if the Swine painted anything yet….

Shrug, I don’t dwell on that, I just move on and do something else..

I made a mistake yesterday. I thought I had two full units on Idrian Skirmishers and the Unit Attachment. Nope, I only have one UA. Easy to fix. I called the Whiz (my LGS) and they put it on hold. I will probably pick it up on Monday.

Bulletin, bulletin, bulletin!!!

One piece of news!!!

CaptainCon hotel information and codes became available today!

I pulled out all the models in the Tipsy Hippo list and did some work.

Gluing stuff on bases  is simple mindless stuff to do while there is something interesting on the Tube. Do they still call television the Tube?

The three kicky monks (I have heard G’Day call them that for so long, I can’t remember their real name) and 13 Zealots are based. Brush on primer next. Then I put Crackle Plaster on all of them.

The Skirmishers already had stuff on their bases. Rather than trash the bases, I will do them different from the Menoth. They are mercenaries, more or less. Six of them are 2nd hand, into the dip. I now have a jar of Simple Green on the my desk. I tossed in a Swamp Horror just to keep them company.

Siege has a new casting. I have to mail this off. I did some ninja shopping at TempleCon. Maybe I can get out of the house on Monday and get this evil Bastard out of my house. Long standing hate of (almost) all thing Cygnar. Must purify my desk soon..

Siege 01

As with most Swan Casters, he is compensating for something with a BIG GUN. Easy contact points. The left arm is smooth. Looks easy to pin. The right arm has a big dimple so it should easily glue into place. The face is much better than this photo shows. He has one foot on some sand bags. No skull or dead bodies for the good guys (Gagggg). The BIG GUN is kind of interesting. The three things on the right glue around this multiple barreled monster like clam shell. I hope he remembers to open it before he FIRES it. The hammer is a really nice piece, to bad Mr. Shoot everything will never use it. The smoke stacks look easy to attach and not remarkable.

Siege 2


It is really a gorgeous model that I would really be happy to paint, but I will never stoop low enough to own one.

Croc 03Well another day has come and gone. I did some prep work, finished a model too.

I have heard nothing about any Piggy Progress….

I guess that means I get to work on what I want to for now.

Till next time,

Just do it….

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