Project – I want a new HAT!!! – Update #1 – Place as Desired!!!

I’m not sure how many of you noticed this…

The short version, I am painting gators in an effort to motivate a very busy guy who doesn’t have much free time to paint.  It started on 13 Jan 2014. A full month ago that post went up. A full month I have had to wait for the Swine to paint. First up is a unit of Slaughterhousers. Nothing yet. Ten minutes a day, four days a week and they would have been done. I wants me some Bacon!!

Croc clock

For now, I have to lurking in the pond waiting the some piggy to wander to close to the shore.

I am allowed to assemble, base and prime models. Kind of like kissing you sister.


S Vault 01Different subject. At TempleCon the Sacral Vault was available in limited numbers.

I have had it for a week and I finally had the time and energy to unbox it today. TempleCon is a blur from Wed->Sunday. At least 16 hours days.

The first thing I look at is the big resin parts. Four Wheels, three gator bodies, the base, the platform and the alter.

S Vault 08The wheels have some mold marks, but nothing terrible. It is impossible to cast without these. I can see these wheels with some mud on them and the skulls and snakes brightly colored on the stone.

S Vault 09The back side of the wheels are alright, but most of that will not be seen.

I hope the wheels Glue on to give make this a solid model. There is a lot of STUFF for those wheels to hold up.

Two of the gators are on the base. Each of them have one or two metal arms. Beefy big gators to push this thing in a swamp. They look perfect for that job. I wonder if modeling some shackles or chains would be appropriate for these two? Would pushing S Vault 05this thing be an honor or a death sentence? There are certainly enough gator skull on this thing.

I really wish these two would be available for parts or separate order. I can see them be Wrastler variations.

I am showing you these pieces without cleaning them up at all. Straight out the box. S Vault 04I don’t think anything is a problem or poorly cast. Overall, I am really happy with the parts I got (with one exception).

I’m a detail nut and this model is insane. You could easily add something to these two pushing gators. Add some feather or a totem would add some color to a pretty bland gator. Maybe add a weapon across their back?

The Bokor on top has a metal head and arm. This one is covered in bones and things. The head in his hands is a good chance for contrast.  I plan on doing  the gator weapons as stone. Here is a link to some real weapon photos. The lump of flash on the end of the tail isn’t as bad as the photo makes it out to be.

S Vault 06


Starting from the bottom up. Here is the base. A little bit of flash around the bottom, but nothing bad.  Vines around the edge. I’m excited.

S Vault 10

Here is a side view. I think this thing is supposed to be hollow and full of skulls. A good chance for contrast between the stone, skulls and vines. Yes, one corner is broken. I already filled out a ticket with PP to get a replacement. The notch in the middle is keyed to ensure the platform and alter are lined up correctly.

S Vault 11

The front gets some metal parts, skulls, candles and such. So many ways to paint snakes!!!

S Vault 12

On top of that is round platform. Vines, skulls and stones again. A beautiful piece.

S Vault 13

The Alter has that big cross in the middle. A blood gutter to drain the sacrifice into the Vault. Very well done.

S Vault 16

Here is the assembly paperwork.

Look in the box on the left. Forty One parts labeled “Place as desired”!!!! 

S Vault 02

Really, there are 41 parts you can put anywhere you want or save for customizing something else… Wow!!!

S Vault 03

Below are the parts you are “required” add. Some of the candles in this photo are part of the “place as desire stuff”…

S Vault 07

Anyone remember a painting stone article in a NQ, they made a dark green Siege Anamantarax. I didn’t like that look on that model, but on a big sacrificial alter, it just might be what I am looking for…..

There is one thing that is sad about this. Because of the deal I made, I can’t paint this until after the Piggy Battle Engine comes out and then I still have to wait for the Swine to paint his….

So here I am, floating, trying to look like a log, hoping for bacon on the hoof to come closer…

Here piggy piggy piggy……

Till next time,

Just do it..

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