Grace O’Malley – Update #25 – Is a project ever really done?

Two things are happening in the next few weeks.

41110_FionaTheBlack2014_WEBThere is a new sculpt of Fiona the Black (everyone favorite Thamarite) and a new Sea Dog Unit. For me,  there is nothing wrong with the original one, but what the heck. I picked one up at TempleCon last week. She may be seldom played, but she interests me for a very different spell list and a powerful feat.

The new sculpt comes in six pieces. The body has the left foot on some skulls and that is the tab that attaches to the base.

Be careful when you unpack her. The smoke stack is VERY small. Seems pretty easy to attach as long as you do it before the arms and hair.

Fiona FrontThe left arm fits well, no problems there.

The right arm is in two pieces. Attaching to the shoulder is the upper arm with the cape. I expect I will be pinning this. There is a good contact point. The arm, hand and weapon add more weight to that shoulder connection. Again, I expect to pin that.

The hair has a nice little nub to glue it in with. I’m not sure I will pin it, maybe. The hair will be easy to knock off, but it is very thin and hard to pin. It will take a 1/2 mm drill and that isn’t easy.

The skirt attaches to the body in nice fitting indent at the waist.

Fiona Back

Not a super hard modelling challenge, but not easy either.

Her face is very nice and will allow you to paint the tattoo under her right eye.

A new model doesn’t change anything about playing Fiona. Well these will.


Wild-eyed sailors tell a tale of the nefarious pirate ship Devil’s Shadow and its mysterious disappearance. Of the ship’s crew, only three souls ever returned, now guided by some unseen evil. This trio disperses as quickly as an ill wind, staying only long enough to form contracts with desperate men. Their goals remain a mystery, and the three otherwise go wherever the gales send their cursed ship.

Well, that is a nice write up, but it tells us pretty much nothing!!! I expect all three to be different. Same as the B13 or Withershadow.

Zira has two pistols and something over one eye. Are those regular pistol or is she a gun mage? Can she ignore stealth or some other nasty trick.

Mar has one sword and an evil grin. Could she have a magic ability?

Morland has two swords, a pistol and a ever stern look. He sure looks like the beef of the unit. Combo strike maybe?

If memory serves me right, these are the first models for Talon Charter since the pirate book came out in late 2008. So, for the first time, Talon Charter has something new. They are a Sea Dog Unit. They will work for Shea theme. Barb and Fiona list Sea Dog Boarding Crew.

That leaves me with the very thin hope that they are a Thamarite unit. They look evil enough. If they are not, they won’t work in Fiona’s theme…  Much sadness.

They will work for all three casters in a non theme list, but…..

Well, time will tell. Honestly, with the big units and Jacks already painted, Painting a Shea  theme would be fun…

Till next time,

Just do it…

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1 Response to Grace O’Malley – Update #25 – Is a project ever really done?

  1. Andy Newbre says:

    Gastonne Crosse works for Talion

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