Project Gray Muffin: Update 3 – It is over….

So much…

First I must say, this isn’t my best work.

Since my last post so much happened. The vast majority of it not hobby related. I did paint some, but my wife needed more and more support.

I hope and pray that everyone of you are never exposed to living with an Alzheimer’s patient.

The last few weeks have been hellish.

The ten day before Christmas centered around Doctor’s appointments. Peggy can’t do the stair alone. Both of us need to help. Add to that, constantly explaining everything to her. Peggy’s short term memory and comprehension was pretty much gone. Anti-depressants and anti-psychotics have strong side effects that impacted every aspect of our home. The medicine changes caused rages. Screaming, hitting, yelling, swinging a cane, not pretty and actually dangerous. Not much fun at 3 am either. Getting up 2 or more time a night is getting to be normal. Lack of sleep slowly makes each day a blur. If Peggy is asleep during the day, we would take turns catching a nap.

During this time I took six Menoth Jacks, cleaned them up, pinned what I thought was necessary and primed them. I did the lower body on all of them first. Then attached them to the bases. The crackle plaster needs a pin in that least one foot to secure the model. That is why the legs got painted first.

Vang 01 Then I centered my attention on two Vigilants. Pushing to get them into the Lost Hemisphere’s Paint the Target monthly post. I finished them and forgot to send the email. G’Day was kind enough to accept a late entry.

Just after Christmas, Peggy was way out of control. Friday night she went to the hospital. For the first 24 hours they thought she couldn’t walk.  The next day she was walking hall, using a a walker. Then she got angry and the walker flew up the hall. It got bad and she was assigned a nurse around the clock. New drugs again, Peggy fell in the bathroom, so much for having a nurse watch her. A huge bruise on her butt. No broken bones. A minor miracle.

Tuesday Peggy Came home. She couldn’t walk by herself, get out of bed or get out of a chair. That was the week of New Years. She has been going down hill ever since. I run a lot of errands for my wife. I help move Peggy. We have a desk chair on wheels and we get her into the living room as often as we can.

In the last week, I have squeezed in a couple of hours. I did the shoulders and arms for two Dervish and detailed the whole model. None of the colors are a big surprise. It is the same stuff as the Daughters of the Flame in the last update.

Derv 01

We got a wheel chair that week. The Dervishes got finished.

Making a fistPeggy isn’t eating much, low energy. She doesn’t want to get into the wheel chair to come out into the living room.

Blood of Martyrs got worked on and finished that week. It was made using an old metal Crusader. I used a razor saw to chop the mace from the left hand. I also chopped up the open left hand to make a fist so the sword would fit. I pinned just about everything. I like the way it came out. The dark look really works for me.

One thing I did the swords have fancy textured areas on the side of the sword. I made those gold, but the core metal is steel. I tried to make it look like it was a gold plate on the outside.

BoM 01


BoM 02

The magnetized kit got some work too. The kit is for the Sanctifier.

Peggy can’t move herself in bed. When she slides off the pillows we have to move her. She breaths better when she is propped up. We have a sheet under her (folded up) so we can pick her up and move her. I get on the bed and balance on my knees to pick up my half. Sometimes I get up multiple times a night to help move Peggy. I don’t get much sleep, but my wife is getting less. I don’t know how she is doing it. Most nights she gets up at least once an hour.

Cast 01

Magnetized plastic kit is done. One afternoon, I spent four hours painting. The interruptions are unavoidable. I made progress. On a normal day that would have take an hour.

Sanct 01

Rec 02

I started the Flame Bringers. The riders will be the same color scheme as the Daughters of the flame. The horses will be the fancy part. I grew up on a farm. We had horses. My sister spent years raising and training Appaloosas. That is one of the Breads listed as Menoth horse. So, the horses have spots.

All five horse are different. Pretty much classic appaloosa colors. The saddle and bridle are Bootstrap leather. There is a Menoth symbol on the saddle, so I did the Sanguine, Grey, White I used on the jacks.


Attaching the riders to the horses isn’t easy. Figure that out before you paint things. You will be glad you did.

Cav 02


Cav 03


Cav 04

Peggy passed peacefully just after midnight on Monday 26 January. Family all around her. Quite peaceful.

The house is very quiet now.

The hard part is getting used to not taking care of Peggy. My wife has spent years doing that. Years of driving to Cape Cod to help with groceries, laundry, cleaning, Doctor’s appointments. The last two years she lived with us.

I will never be able to look at the models in this project without thinking of Peggy.

The hard part will be remembering. I want the remember Peggy the way I first met her, at a Wedding, at holidays. I want to remember her smile, her laugh.

We sat at dinner one night. I had ordered a Guinness. She asked if she could try it. As she put the glass down, she had a foam mustache and said…  “Jesus, Mary and Joseph, I haven’t had one like that since my father made beer in the bathtub!!” After a good laugh, I ordered another and Peggy kept that one.

Here’s to you Peggy!

Black Widows


What next you ask…. Well, Gray Muffin is done. Stick a fork in it…

There is a funeral this week and from there I go straight to TempleCon. So, I don’t have any time to even think about “what’s next”. I have “Chasing the Fez” on Losthemisphere. But it has been over two weeks and Stage #1 isn’t completed.

I might be able to get some early release stuff at TempleCon. A new unit for Grace O’Maley would be a real treat.

No promises…

Time will tell…

Until Next time…

Just do it….

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1 Response to Project Gray Muffin: Update 3 – It is over….

  1. Drew McGrath says:

    They look beautiful Craig. See you at Templecon.

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